10 Interesting Halloween Facts

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Halloween facts are always linked with Jack O’Lanterns.  Pumpkin is always used to create this image. Actually it is not the pumpkin used as the first Jack O’Lanterns. It was a turnip. Halloween is a part of American culture. It is celebrated by many people each year.  You do not need to wonder when you find out that Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial holiday. The first one is Christmas. Look at more fact about Halloween in the post below:

Halloween Facts 1: Witch

Wicce is the original word of the word witch.  It is derived from the Old English language. The meaning of the word wicce is a wise woman. The popular belief in the past stated that witches held Halloween night and Sabbath.

Halloween Facts 2: Fear of Halloween

There are several people who are afraid of Halloween. This persistent and intense fear is called Samhnainophobia.

Halloween Day

Halloween Day

Halloween Facts 3: Food

The most popular foods in Halloween are chocolate, gum and candy.  Kids prefer to have chocolate candy for trick and treat. 10 percent of kids like to have gums.

Halloween Facts 4: Jack O’Lanterns

Who is Jack O’Lanterns?  This man was originated from the Irish legend.  Because of his tricks on the devil, he could not go the hell or heaven. He got stuck on earth and make people away from the path.

Halloween Facts

Halloween Facts

Halloween Facts 5: Owl

Owl is an important symbol in Halloween. It is considered as witch in medieval Europe belief. The myth states that an owl can be a symbol of death. It can be a sign that someone was about to die when you hear an owl’s call.

Halloween Facts 6: Norm Craven

Norm Craven was the man who cultivated the largest pumpkin in the world in 1993. The weight of the pumpkin is around 836 lbs.

Costume Party

Costume Party

Halloween Facts 7: Stephen Clarke

The man who took the record of the fastest pumping carving times in the world was Stephen Clarke. He only needed 24.03 second to carve a pumpkin. The preceded record was 54.27 second. The pumpkin should be carved traditionally. It should feature at least a mouth, ears, nose and eyes.

Halloween Facts 8: Color

When you are in Halloween day celebration, you can see orange and black color everywhere. Black is used to remind people with life and death because black is linked with darkness and death. Orange can present endurance and strength.



Halloween Facts 9: Ireland

The birthplace of Halloween is in Ireland.  The celebration occurred 2000 years ago.

Halloween Facts 10: Scarecrows

Another symbol found in Halloween day is Scarecrow.  It represents the ancient agricultural root of Halloween.

Halloween in US

Halloween in US

There are several names that people use to call Halloween. Some of them include Snap-Apple Night, Witches Night, All Hallows’ Eve, Summer’s End, and Samhaim. The famous man who died on Halloween night in 1926 is Harry Houdini. He died because of appendicitis. Do you have any opinion on facts about Halloween?

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