10 Interesting Anzac Day Facts

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Anzac Day Facts tell you about the national day in Australia and New Zealand. The main purpose for this nation holiday is to commemorate and remember the Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in the peacekeeping operations, conflicts and wars. Actually it was used as a holiday to commemorate the contribution of the ANZAC or Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who served during the First World War I against the Ottoman Empire at Gallipoli. Check other interesting facts about Anzac Day below:

Anzac Day Facts 1: other forces

Besides the ANZAC, actually there were other forces fighting at Gallipoli. Those included the British forces and Canadian forces.

Anzac Day Facts 2: commemoration of Anzac Day

Actually Anzac Day is not only commemorated in Australia and New Zealand. The people who live in Niue, Cook Islands, Tongan and Pitcairn Islands celebrate it too. The people in Samoa and Papua New Guinea used as it as a national holiday in the past.

Anzac Day Facts

Anzac Day Facts

Anzac Day Facts 3: Anzac Day in Canada

When you are in Canada, you can also spot the celebration of Anzac Day even though it is observed as a holiday. There were Canadian soldiers who fought at Gallipoli during the First World War.

Anzac Day Facts 4: the primary activity

During the commemoration of Anzac Day in New Zealand and Australia, the solemn “Dawn Services” or “Dawn Marches” will be conducted.  It is conducted at the war memorials. This activity began on 25 April 1923 in Albany, Western Australia. Now you can spot it in both countries. The people also recite the Ode or Ode of Remembrance. It was the fourth stanza For the Fallen written by Laurence Binyon.

Anzac Day Image

Anzac Day Image

Anzac Day Facts 5: the solemn day

The Australian people consider the Anzac Day as one of the solemn days of the year. It involves marches. Most of them are aired on TV.

Anzac Day Facts 6: the other activities

Besides marches, the Anzac Day also involves veteran social gathering located in RSL club or even at a public house.

Anzac Day Pictures

Anzac Day Pictures

Anzac Day Facts 7: gambling

Gambling is considered as a significant activity during Anzac Day.  The two-up is considered as a traditional Australian gambling game. It was popular among the Anzac soldiers. Find out facts about Spanish armada here.

Anzac Day Facts 8: legal gambling

Due to the significance of gambling during the commemoration, the two-up game was legal only for Anzac day.

Anzac Day Photo

Anzac Day Photo

Anzac Day Facts 9: the landing at Gallipoli

The most unforgettable event during the First World War was when the Anzac soldiers landed at Gallipoli.

Anzac Day Facts 10: Gallipoli site

In 2004, there was a threat of terrorist attack at Gallipoli site. This threat did not make the15,000 Australians canceled their pilgrim to the site for commemorating the Anzac troops. Get facts about the Alamo here.

Anzac Day Pic

Anzac Day Pic

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