10 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

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Thanksgiving facts reveal the importance of the day to American people.  Based on the history, the famous celebration occurred in 1621. It was located at Plymouth Colony Massachusetts. Many people call the celebration as the first Thanksgiving Day. Nevertheless, many people assume that the first thanksgiving is not only celebrated in Plymouth colony. There are other initial thanksgivings celebrated in Maine, Florida, Texas, Virginia and Massachusetts. Read the facts about thanksgiving below:

Thanksgiving Facts 1: President Jefferson

Many people consider thanksgiving as an important even in US that has to be celebrated each year. Thus, the state proclaims thanksgiving celebration as a national day. However, President Jefferson called it as the most ridiculous idea ever conceived. Another big event is seen in Christmas facts.

Thanksgiving Facts 2: Unthanksgiving Day

The Native American people in the state feel betrayed because they do not have any right on their own land. They commemorate the Unthanksgiving Day to struggle on the Native American right in US.

Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving day.

Thanksgiving Facts 3: Unthanksgiving Day celebration

It was firstly occurred in 1975. Since then the Unthank giving Day is celebrated in the island of Alcatraz. It is a day where the Native Americans commemorate their struggle to survive in the land after the settlement of White people.

Thanksgiving Facts 4: Turkeys

When you celebrate thanksgiving, the main menu served on the table is turkey. The turkey used in the modern day is totally different with turkey served by the people in the past. They used the domestic turkey. It was heavier compared to the modern turkey.

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving Facts 5: Pilgrim and Indian

Pilgrim and Indian story is used to narrate the team work between the colonist and Indians.  The story actually narrated to reduce the tension between the Native American with European people.

Thanksgiving Facts 6: Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado is the first man who held a thanksgiving day. It was occurred in 1541. The celebration was located Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas.

Thanksgiving facts

Thanksgiving facts

Thanksgiving Facts 7: Turkey Consumption

Thanksgiving is always celebrated by most people in US. It is estimated that people eat 535 million pounds of turkey in that day.

Thanksgiving Facts 8: Three-Day Celebration in Plymouth

Based on the story of Pilgrim and Indian, It is stated that the first celebration occurred in 3 days in Plymouth. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that thanksgiving would be celebrated in the last Thursday of November. But it was changed by congress to move the celebration on the fourth Thursday of November. Another celebration in US is seen on earth day facts.

Thanksgiving with pumpkin

Thanksgiving with pumpkin

Thanksgiving Facts 9: President Madison

President Madison stated that thanksgiving should be celebrated twice in 1815.  But no one celebrated it in the autumn. One celebration probably is more than enough.

Thanksgiving Facts 10: Cranberries

On the table people will always serve cranberries.  This fruit is native to America.



Thanksgiving was celebrated annually because Abraham Lincoln proclaimed it as a national holiday since 1863. People stated that the pilgrim will never survive without the help of Native Americans. Do you want to add more info on facts about thanksgiving?

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