10 Interesting Labor Day Facts

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Labor Day facts give the information about the legal holiday celebrated by the working people all over the world. The Labor Day is celebrated annually on 1st of May around the world.  Look at the facts below if want to be informed with the timeline of Labor Day:

Labor Day Facts 1: May Day

The people living in Europe celebrate the May Day. It is the day for the working people. It falls on 1st of May.

Labor Day Facts 2: summer

People recognize that Labor Day is used to mark the end of the summer season.

Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day Facts 3: American people

The Labor Day is very important to the life of the American people in United States. In May 2013, 155.7 million Americans went on the street to celebrate the Labor Day.

Labor Day Facts 4: the creator

Do you know the creator of Labor Day? The idea was proposed by Peter McGuire and Matthew Maguire. Peter McGuire was the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners Union Secretary, while Maguire was from the International Association of Machinists. Both were appointed to arrange an event used to honor the working people in the beginning of 1880s.

Labor Day Facts

Labor Day Facts

Labor Day Facts 5: the first Labor Day parade

The first parade of Labor Day conducted on 5 September 1882 in New York City.  Based on the data in US census bureau, there were 100,000 people participated in the parade. Even though not all workers supported the idea of the Labor Day, they came to the parade because the union workers fined the workers who did not come.

Labor Day Facts 6: the first legal Holiday in US

The first state in US which made Labor Day as the legal day is Oregon. The decision was made in 1887.

Labor Day Parade

Labor Day Parade

Labor Day Facts 7: national holiday

The Labor Day became the national holiday in US in 1894 after President Grover Cleveland and the US congress passed the bill.

Labor Day Facts 8: New York

Based on the data in 2012, the state with the highest rate of the union workers is New York.

Labor Day Pic

Labor Day Pic

Labor Day Facts 9: origin

Labor Day actually was originated from Toronto, Canada. In 1872, there were few people who wanted rights for the workers. Check another event in Veteran day facts.

Labor Day Facts 10: working time

In the end of 1800s, the American people had to work for 12 hours in a day for seven days in one week.

Labor Day

Labor Day

At that time, kids also worked in the factories even though they were only 5 years old. Do you have any opinion on facts about Labor Day?

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