10 Interesting St Patrick’s Day Facts

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St Patrick’s Day Facts inform you with the famous celebration of Feast of Saint Patrick. The people often celebrate the day on March 17th. Saint Patrick is very important for he is considered as the patron saint of Ireland. The traditional death date of Saint Patrick was circa AD 385-461. Check other interesting facts about St Patrick’s Day below:

St Patrick’s Day Facts 1: the feast day

In the beginning of 17th century, Saint Patrick’s Day was considered as the official feast day for the Christians. Then you can find this feast day spreading in the Eastern Orthodox, Anglican Communion, Lutheran Church, and Catholic Church.

St Patrick’s Day Facts 2: the commemoration for St Patrick’s

The commemoration and celebration of St Patrick’s Day is used by the Irish people to celebrate the culture and heritage of the Ireland. Moreover, it is also used to commemorate the presence of Christianity in Ireland and St Patrick.

St Patrick's Day Picture

St Patrick’s Day Picture

St Patrick’s Day Facts 3: how do the people celebrate it?

The people celebrate St Patrick’s Day by wearing the green attire. They call it shamrocks. Green is always associated with the color of St Patrick.  They also organize the festivals and public parades.

St Patrick’s Day Facts 4: the church services

The people who embrace Christianity also go to the church and follow the services here.

St Patrick's Day Ireland

St Patrick’s Day Ireland

St Patrick’s Day Facts 5: the tradition during the holiday

St Patrick’s Day is considered as a holy day. Therefore, some people decide not to drink alcohol in the day.

St Patrick’s Day Facts 6: the public holiday

The people who live in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, British Overseas territory of Montserrat and the Canadians province of Newfoundland and Labradors consider it as a public holiday.

St Patrick's Day Image

St Patrick’s Day Image

St Patrick’s Day Facts 7: Irish Diaspora

Actually St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated by many Christian people in the world as a reflection of Irish Diaspora. The celebration is spotted in New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, United States, Britain and Canada. Find facts about Christmas here.

St Patrick’s Day Facts 8: the first festival

On 17 March 1996, the first festival of St Patrick’s Day was celebrated.

St Patrick's Day Facts

St Patrick’s Day Facts

St Patrick’s Day Facts 9: the events

The event of St Patrick’s Day is getting popular. The people started to celebrate it as a three day event in 1997. Then the people spent four days to celebrate it in 2000. Get facts about Ireland here.

St Patrick’s Day Facts 10: the festival in 2006

The people spent five days long to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in 2006. In 2009, there were around 675,000 people who participated during the St Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

Are you impressed after reading facts about St Patrick’s Day?

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