10 Interesting Animal Cruelty Facts

Sunday, October 13th 2013. | Animals

Animal cruelty facts show you the information about the animals killed and tortured by people. People need to kill 200 chinchilla, 20 foxes, 35 rabbits, or 8 seals to create 40 inch fur coat. The fur farm is the main place which produces the animals killed for fur. They are located in a tight place. Sometimes they are exposed to high intensity of cool or hot temperature. The coat can be used even though the animals dead. Here are the surprising facts about animal cruelty:

Animal Cruelty Facts 1: Astrakhan Fur

There is a trend in a fur market now. The demand of astrakhan fur is getting higher.  The fur is created by killing Astrakhan lambs. The special coat sometimes is created from the coat of the unborn lams. The stomach of the mother lamb will be slashed to get the unborn lamb.

Animal Cruelty Facts 2: China

China is considered as the first leading fur producer in the world. Sometimes the animals are skinned alive when the producer wants to take the fur.

Animal Cruelty  Fact

Animal Cruelty Fact

Animal Cruelty Facts 3: Sheep

Sheep is considered as a main commodity in some countries in the world. The wool is taken from the skin of this animal. However, the shearing of the wool makes the sheep died because of the winter exposure. In a year, Australia loses 1,000,000 sheep.

Animal Cruelty Facts 4: Breeding

The breeding of sheep skin is a bit cruel. People use many folds to grow more wool on the sheep. Since folds attract maggots, they make the anus of the sheep hurt.

Animal Cruelty  Facts

Animal Cruelty Facts

Animal Cruelty Facts 5: a Texas Beef Company

There are 22 complaints against the Texas beef company for violating cattle. But no significant action is granted.

Animal Cruelty Facts 6: Hogs

When people want to use the skin of hogs, they will throw them on a hot water by kicking and squealing them. The skinning will be easy to do when they are stunned on a hot water.

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty Facts 7: Federal Humane Slaughter Laws

Federal humane slaughter laws include chickens and turkey. Ironically, both are killed every year not only in US but also in any other parts in the world.

Animal Cruelty Facts 8: Standard Slaughter Practices

Even though chicken and turkeys are used by people as food, the standard slaughter practice performed by people is still unethical. There is no need to stomping or even kicking the chickens.

DNA Science

DNA Science

Animal Cruelty Facts 9: Butterball slaughterhouse

Some workers in Butterball slaughterhouse located in Arkansas often slam the live turkey on the wall.  The turkey is punched by a worker in House of Raeford farm.

Animal Cruelty Facts 10: Humane Slaughter Act

Muslim and Jews law state that all animals should be exempt before they are killed.

Skinny Dog

Skinny Dog

United States is considered as the largest broiler chicken industry in the world because of the overgrown population of chicken in the country. Do you have any opinion on facts about animal cruelty?

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