10 Interesting Panda Facts

Friday, September 6th 2013. | Animals

If you like to learn more about one of the cutest animals in the world, check panda facts. Panda is included as the endangered animal in the world. The population is decreased from time to time. You can see them living in China. You do not have to go to the zoo to see this animal. There are many zoos with pandas. Look at the facts about panda in details:

Panda Facts 1: Giant Panda and Red Panda

Even though giant panda and red panda living in similar habit, both animals belong to different family. Giant panda is included in bear family, while red panda is included in raccoon family. Both eat similar food. Find bear facts here.

Panda Facts 2: Standing Position

If you look at pandas, they cannot stand upright. The body is big so that the hind legs cannot support it. The bones of this animal are heavier if you compare them with other animals with similar weight.

Panda at Zoo

Panda at Zoo

Panda Facts 3: Running Time

Pandas cannot run faster. They can only run slowly because of the body that they have to support. The fastest type for panda is black bear. The maximum speed of this animal is around 35 miles per hour. It is similar with the running rate of a deer or a horse. To find fast animals, read mammal facts.

Panda Facts 4: Female Panda

One of the main causes of the decline for this animal is because of the reproduction system. Female pandas can only ovulate once in a year. They become fertile for about 2 or 3 days.

Panda Facts

Panda Facts

Panda Facts 5: Giant Panda Cubs

You can see the cubs of giant pandas born in September or August. The cubs have no teeth, a long tail, white fur and pink skin. The cubs will live with the mother for about 2 years since it was born.

Panda Facts 6: Adult Panda

The male cub is considered as adult if it has the age of 7 years, while a female cub is only five years.



Panda Facts 7: Twin Cubs

The female pandas living in captivity often give birth to twin pandas if you compare it with the wild female pandas. Pandas will spend their 14 to 16 hours a day for eating. Their favorite food is bamboo.

Panda Facts 8: human activity

Sometimes the human activity makes the pandas lose their habitat. This condition occurred from 1974 till 1989. The Sichuan areas inhabited by Pandas were destroyed.



Panda Facts 9: Panda Fur

Panda fur is very precious. In the illegal trade market, panda fur costs around 60,000 and $100,000.

Panda Facts 10: Breeding Pandas

When people want to breed a pair of pandas, they need at least 11 square miles of land. You need to give 2.5 up to 4 squares of land if you want to breed one giant panda.

Sweet Panda

Sweet Panda

Pandas have several types of calls. Some researchers count it in 11 eleven calls. The call for mating comes in four calls. Are you fascinated with facts about panda?

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