10 Interesting Igneous Rock Facts

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Learn the type of the rock in the world by reading igneous rock facts. There are many kinds of rocks in the world. This time we will learn about igneous rock. This rock is different from any other kinds of rocks because it has special features. Find out more about igneous rock by reading the following facts below:

Igneous Rock Facts 1: formation

Do you know the formation of igneous rock?   When the magma cools and solidified, it will create igneous rock. The formation of this rock can happen at the top or at the bottom of earth surface.

Igneous Rock Facts 2: magma

Magma is located at the center of the earth. It can form igneous rock when there is a volcanic explosion. It makes magma blown out on the earth surface.

Igneous Rock facts

Igneous Rock facts

Igneous Rock Facts 3: what is magma?

Magma is created for the melted minerals. The mineral is created from the molecules and atoms.

Igneous Rock Facts 4: types of igneous rock

It is not easy to learn igneous rock one by one because there are at least 700 kinds of igneous rock in the world. Some common examples of igneous rocks include pumice, tuff, basalt, andesite, gabbro, dinorite, and granite.

Igneous Rock Geology

Igneous Rock Geology

Igneous Rock Facts 5: tuff

The volcanic ash of magma can create tuff.

Igneous Rock Facts 6: basalt

One of the best examples of igneous rock is basalt. It is created from the metamorphic rock. Because of the high intensity of heat and pressure, the rock comes in basalt form.

Ice Cube Tray

Ice Cube Tray

Igneous Rock Facts 7: pumice

Pumice is a kind of igneous rock. The characteristic of this rock is light weight. The formation is due to the volcano exploration.

Igneous Rock Facts 8: granite

Granite is considered as a good kind of igneous rock. People can use it for various purposes such as to make a kitchen backsplash, floor and wall decoration. This rock consists of 25 percent quartz. It is very strong so that people also use it as a part of construction material to make home and other buildings.

Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock

Igneous Rock Facts 9: Obsidian

The obsidian rock comes in sharp form.  In the past, people used it as an arrowhead and cutting tool. The formation of obsidian occurred fast. But there is no crystal growth process here.

Igneous Rock Facts 10: igneous rock

Igneous rock covers 95 percent of earth’s crust.

Igneous Rocks

Igneous Rocks

There are many other kinds of rocks to learn. You can find other information about metamorphic rock and sedimentary rock. Are you interested with facts about igneous rock?

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