10 Interesting Climate Facts

Monday, December 9th 2013. | Earth

Scrutinize the climate facts in the article below.  It is too complex if we talk about the climate change in the world.  We realize that earth is getting hotter from time to time. It is not easy for use to stop the heating process if many people do not change their life style.

Climate Facts 1: global warming

The climate change occurs because of global warming. The thick blanket which covers us, atmosphere, is getting limited due to the high intensity of carbon dioxide. The pollution produced from the factory and vehicles make the earth face global warming. Moreover, deforestation is still occurred today.

Climate Facts 2: how to reduce the global warming effect

Many ways can be done stop the effect of global warming. You just have to use the smart cars and reduce the gasses released from the factory. Moreover, deforestation should be stopped now.

climate change

climate change

Climate Facts 3: US

US contribute much to the presence of carbon emission to the world. Even though the country is only occupied by 5 percent of the world population, it has 22 percept of carbon emission of CO2.

Climate Facts 4: global temperature

The climate change makes the earth heated.  In this 20th century, the temperature of the world is raised 1 degree Celsius.

climate facts

climate facts

Climate Facts 5: carbon emission production

The land use change and deforestation are the main cause of the 15 percent of carbon emission production in the world.

Climate Facts 6: carbon emission in US

20 percent of carbon emission in US is produced by the trucks and cars in the country. It won’t be easy for the people to use smart cars friendlier to the environment.



Climate Facts 7: Bufo periglenes

Scientists estimate that Bufo periglenes or the golden toad should be the first species diminished from the planet because of the global warming.

Climate Facts 8: disease-carrying pests

Climate change also affects the health of the people. Scientists blame that the increase of the global temperature makes the disease-carrying pest population raised. That’s why people are susceptible with west Nile virus, Lyme disease, malaria and dengue fever.



Climate Facts 9: Air conditioning and heating

Half or the American people use the electricity at home to function their air conditioning and heating.

Climate Facts 10: effect of climate change

Climate change brings a negative effect.  The earth now is more susceptible to many kinds of disaster such as drought, floor, heavy rain, blizzard and strong hurricanes.



Not only human being but also plants and animals face the difficult situation because of climate change. Many corals are dead because of the heat. What do you think on facts about climate?

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