10 Interesting The Urinary System Facts

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Urinary system facts provide the information about the random facts about urine. The word urine comes from the Latin word Urina. The meaning of this word is flow, moisten or awer. In this modern era, women sit when they urinate, but men stand when urinate. This condition was different in the past. The ancient people in Ireland and Egypt did the different ways. The men sat; the women stood when urinating.

The Urinary System Facts 1: Turpentine

Turpentine could be poisonous. To make the urine of the women smelled like roses some ancient women in Rome drank turpentine.

The Urinary System Facts 2: Muslim Countries

In Muslim countries, people do not stand up when urinating because it makes them look like a dog or animal. Men and women are advice to squat or sit to urinate.

Urinary System

Urinary System

The Urinary System Facts 3:China

Each country has different way to urinate. The women and men in ancient China will stand up when they urinate. The hollow canes were used by the Chinese noblemen so that the urine will stay away from their body.

The Urinary System Facts 4:Medicine

Some drugs companies use urine to make medicine. The best example of the drug is urokinese. The main function of this drug is to avoid any blood clots. You have to know that blood clots can lead to stroke or heart attack.

Urinary System Facts

Urinary System Facts

The Urinary System Facts 5: Drank Camel Urine

People have to do anything to stay survive. When Captain James Riley and his crew of the Commerce had to cross the Saharan home, they had no choice but to drink the camel’s urine to stay alive.

The Urinary System Facts 6:Child

Most children will urinate for 6 days in a day.

Drinking water

Drinking water

The Urinary System Facts 7:Storage Of Urine

The bladder of a child can hold an ounce of urine. The bladder of adults can accommodate 2.5 cups of urine for 5 hours. If the adults drink more water, they will urge to urinate.

The Urinary System Facts 8: Chamber Lye

Chamber lye is a type of soap created by the American pilgrim. It was made by using ashes and urine.

Urinary Systems

Urinary Systems

The Urinary System Facts 9: Ladies Of England And France

The ladies of England and France use the urine to take care the skin. They believe that urine can make their skin glowing and shining. However, not many people use urine for maintaining the skin. But the laboratories create synthetic urine to create lotion or cream.

The Urinary System Facts 10: European Bakers

Before the invention of yeast, The European bakers used urine to make their bread rise.



The people in the past not only used human urine but also cow urine to take a bath. The people living in some parts of east African and India use the cow urine to bath because they think water is too polluted. Give more ideas on facts about urinary system above!

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