10 Interesting Woolly Mammoth Facts

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Look at Woolly Mammoth Facts if you want to know an extinct species of mammoth. Their life was traced back during the Pleistocene epoch. The biological name of this animal is Mammuthus primigenius. The Asian elephant is considered as the close relation of woolly mammoth. The scientists are interested to study this prehistoric animal. They are curious with the behavior and appearance of wooly mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 1: the discovery

The discovery of teeth, skeletons, dung and stomach content of prehistoric animals in Alaska and Siberia as well as the description of images on the caves encourage the scientists to study woolly mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 2: the origin

Many people are in debate related to the origin of woolly mammoth. However, they had been recognized in Asia. In 17th century, this prehistoric animal began to be known by the people in Europe.

Facts about Woolly Mammoth

Facts about Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth Facts 3: Georges Cuvier

In 1796, Georges Cuvier believed that the mammoth was the extinct species of elephant. Find facts about white lion here.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 4: the size

The size of woolly mammoth is often compared with the one of modern African elephants. The weight of male woolly mammoth might reach 6.6 short tons or 6 tonnes. It may have the shoulder height of 8.9 to 11.2 feet or 2.7 to 3.4 metres.

Woolly Mammoth Facts

Woolly Mammoth Facts

Woolly Mammoth Facts 5: the female woolly mammoth

The female woolly mammoth had the weight of 4.4 short tons or 4 tonnes. The shoulder height was measured at 8.5 to 9.5 feet or 2.6 to 2.9 metres. The newly born baby mammoth may have the weight of 200 lb or 90 kg.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 6: the cold environment

The cold environment was not a big deal for woolly mammoth. They were adaptable. The fur covered the body, which made them warm. The undercoat was shorter, while the long guard hairs were found at the outer part.

Woolly Mammoth Image

Woolly Mammoth Image

Woolly Mammoth Facts 7: the coat color

The coat color of woolly mammoth was ranging from dark to light color.  The heat loss and frostbite were minimized due to the short tail and ears.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 8: the notable feature

The notable features of woolly mammoth were the presence of the four molars and curved tusks. See facts about wildlife here.

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly Mammoth Facts 9: the behavior

The behavior of woolly mammoth and modern elephants is the same. The trunk and tusk were used to forage for food, fight and manipulate objects.

Woolly Mammoth Facts 10: the primary diet

Sedges and grass were the primary diet for woolly mammoth.

Woolly Mammoth Pictures

Woolly Mammoth Pictures

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