10 Interesting Cockroach Facts

Saturday, September 14th 2013. | Animals

Cockroach facts bring the interesting facts about the dirty animal in the world. People are tired with the animals because they can be found not only in the kitchen but also bedroom, bathroom or even garage. Getting rid of cockroach is very difficult to do. Many people use the pesticide to make them away. Here some interesting facts about cockroaches that you never know before:

Cockroach Facts 1: What Is Cockroach?

Do you know what cockroach actually is? This animal is included in the order of blattaria. There are six families for cockroach with 3,500 species. The animals have the black or brown color.  The insect is equipped with strains wings. Some of them are included as domestic pest. They are considered as the nocturnal animals.

Cockroach Facts 2: Orthopterous Insect

Cockroach as the orthopterous insect. It is characterized with leathery wings and chewing mouth parts.

American cockroach

American cockroach

Cockroach Facts 3: Habitat

Finding cockroach in the world is not a difficult thing to do. You can see them living in the coldest regions or even the warmest regions in the world.

Cockroach Facts 4: Sense of Smell

The sense of smell for cockroach is acute. These animals can live well even though they do not eat any food in a month. Another smelly animal is seen in spider facts.

brown cockroach

brown cockroach

Cockroach Facts 5: South American Cockroach

If you want to know the largest cockroach in the world, it is the one coming from South America. It has the wing span up to 1 foot with the length around 6 inches.

Cockroach Facts 6: Australian Giant Burrowing Cockroach

Australian giant burrowing cockroach has the weight around 30 gram. The length of this animal is round 3.5 inches or 9 centimeters.

Cockroach facts

Cockroach facts

Cockroach Facts 7: Life Span

The life span of this animal can live 3 months to 2 years. The speed of this animal is 3 miles per hour. The number of legs of these animals is 6 legs. When it comes about the diet, this animal is included as an omnivorous animal.

Cockroach Facts 8: White Blood

Cockroach is one of the many animals with white blood. The animals will run away if the room is filled with bright light. They like living inside a dark room.

Cockroach in black

Cockroach in black

Cockroach Facts 9: Resting Time

More than 75 percent cockroach time is used for resting. When it comes about the size of cockroach, the animal can come in a size of a thumbnail. However, there are many cockroaches with bigger and larger size.

Cockroach Facts 10: Name for Cockroach

When you want to call the female cockroach, call it as Nymph. The male one is called as male. An intrusion is used to call a group of cockroaches. Another pest is seen in Mice facts.



The leg of cockroaches has five claws with large coaxe and sturdy look. Cockroach is one of the common pests at home. They can leave a very bad odor at home. The food at home is also included as the main diet for cockroaches. Do you have opinion on facts about cockroaches?

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