10 Interesting Harp Seal Facts

Saturday, March 15th 2014. | Animals

Let’s find out the animal which can live in the water in harp seal facts. Harp seal can be found in North Atlantic Ocean or even Arctic. People are fascinated with the shape and appearance of harp seal. It looks different with the ring. Here are the detail facts about harp seal:

Harp Seal Facts 1: color

The color of the body of this water animal is light grey.  On the back of their body, you can see the large harp shaped rings.

Harp Seal Facts 2: the rings

Harp seal can be differentiated based on their rings. The female harp seal has less distinctive rings. The back of the females comes in black color. The ring can come in black to dark brown colors. Even though the face of harp seal is black, the head is not black.

Harp Seal Cute

Harp Seal Cute

Harp Seal Facts 3: whitecoats

The pups that the female harp seal born was given the name the white coats. It is due to the fact that the baby pup comes in fully white coat when it was delivered on earth. After three weeks, the white coat will be shed.

Harp Seal Facts 4: food

To stay survive, the harp seals have to eat. They like eating crustaceans and fish. They live around 30 years.

Harp Seal facts

Harp Seal facts

Harp Seal Facts 5: diving ability

Harp seal has a good diving ability. It can dive under water from 180 to 280 meters. It can last for 15 minute before the harp seal emerges from the water.

Harp Seal Facts 6: pup

Each year, the female harp seal gives birth one pup. The mother can differentiate her own pup from the rest of the pups from the scent.

Harp Seal Pic

Harp Seal Pic

Harp Seal Facts 7: nursery

The mother will look after pup for about 2 weeks. Then the pup will be independent and hunt for their food alone.

Harp Seal Facts 8: mother’s milk

The milk of the mother contains a lot of butterfat. When they are weaned, the weight of the milk is around 40 to 45 kilograms.

Harp Seal Pup

Harp Seal Pup

Harp Seal Facts 9: spring migration

When the spring season comes, the harp seal will migrate to the summer feeding ground. It will leave 2.5000 kilometer to the west area. In the spring, they will come to Lancaster Sound.

Harp Seal Facts 10: winter migration

The winter migration area for the harp seal is on Greenland and Labrador.

Harp Seal

Harp Seal

Based on the land for the breeding, you can divide harp seal into three types. Those are the west ice, the White Sea and the northwest Atlantic gulf harp seals. Are you interested with facts about Harp seal?

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