10 Interesting Christopher Marlowe Facts

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Christopher Marlowe facts present the information about the famous English poet and playwright. Many people recognize Marlowe as one of the important artists in Elizabethan era. Find out more facts about Marlowe by reading the whole post below:

Christopher Marlowe Facts 1: date of birth

Let’s find out the date of birth of Marlowe. He was born around 1564 in Canterbury. Many historians think that he was born in the similar year of Shakespeare. Check William Shakespeare facts here.

Christopher Marlowe Facts 2: education

Marlowe is considered as an educated person. For the early education, he was enrolled as a student at King’s School in Canterbury. Then he studied for higher degree by going to Corpus Christi College in Cambridge.

Christopher Marlowe Facts

Christopher Marlowe Facts

Christopher Marlowe Facts 3: as a playwright

Marlowe was very famous as a playwright during the Elizabethan era.  It is not easy to tell you the number of plays that Marlowe had created. But many historians find out that Marlowe was the playwright for Doctor Faustus, Tamburlaine Part 1, Tamburlaine Part 2, and The Massacre at Paris, Edward II, and The Jew of Malta.

Christopher Marlowe Facts 4: Ingram Frizer

Marlowe’s death was very tragic. Because an argument about paying a bill, he was killed by Ingram Frizer. Frizel killed him by stabbing a knife on his right eye.

Christopher Marlowe Life Span

Christopher Marlowe Life Span

Christopher Marlowe Facts 5: Edward Alleyn

Edward Alleyn was the famous actor who always played the main lead on Marlowe’s plays. During the Elizabethan era, Marlowe’s plays were very famous. They were often performed in front of the Admiral’s Men.

Christopher Marlowe Facts 6: a spy

Marlowe’s life was a bit mysterious. Some people think that actually he was a spy who worked for Sir Francis Walsingham. His death was associated with his rumored job as a spy.

Christopher Marlowe Pic

Christopher Marlowe Pic

Christopher Marlowe Facts 7: graveyard

It is not easy to find the graveyard of Marlowe because he was buried in an unmarked grave in St Nicholas Church, Deptford. The burial event occurred on June 1, 1593.

Christopher Marlowe Facts 8: fake death

There are many rumors about Marlowe. The rumor stated that actually Marlowe faked his death and changed his name into William Shakespeare to create a new identity. But many historians believed that this rumor is not true. They believe that Marlowe and Shakespeare are different.

Christopher Marlowe Poet

Christopher Marlowe Poet

Christopher Marlowe Facts 9: Marlowe’s arrest

On 18th May 1593, Marlowe was arrested after the official issued a warrant to arrest him. There was no exact reason about the arrest, but people thought it can be connected with blasphemy on the plays that Marlowe had written.

Christopher Marlowe Facts10: parents

Do you know that Marlowe was the son Catherine and John Marlowe? His father worked as a shoemaker.

Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

Even though people do not know the exact date of birth of Marlowe, but he was baptized on February 26, 1564. Do you want to stay something on facts about Christopher Marlowe?

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