10 Interesting Frank Stella Facts

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Frank Stella facts will be the major topic to discuss about. He was really a famous painter in United States. Yet, not all people understand thoroughly about the facts. Therefore, I really want to give you some facts below.

Frank Stella Facts 1: the birth

He was born in May 12, 1936. He was very famous printmaker and also American painter. If it is about the birthplace, he was born in Malden, Massachusetts. His parents are Italian descent. People still don’t know from where he got his talents in painting actually.

Frank Stella Facts 2: schooling

Hew attended Phillips Academy high school in Andover, Massachusetts. Later, he registered University of Princeton and took the major of history. There, he met with Michael Fried and also Darby Bannard. He was considered as brilliant student actually.

Frank Stella Art

Frank Stella Art

Frank Stella Facts 3: New York

He moved to New York in the year 1958 sooner after his graduation. He once visited New York art galleries. There he gained inspiration for his work of art. Two artists who influenced him the most are Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock. They are abstract expressionists.

Frank Stella Facts 4: post-war American painter

People may gain reference from him as post-war American painter. In fact, he still works up to now. He is good in creating abstract paintings having no illusions of pictures or also metaphysical or psychological reference.

Frank Stella Exhibition

Frank Stella Exhibition

France Facts 5: Eiffel tower

One of the most popular buildings in France is Eiffel tower. It has the height of 300 meters and also becomes the center of tourist attraction.

Frank Stella Facts 6: picture-as-object

He was famous as well to emphasize his work as picture-as-object. It is different with other artists who often consider the work of art as representation of any single thing whether it is real or emotional.

Frank Stella Facts

Frank Stella Facts

France Facts 7: Barbara Rose

He married Barbara Rose who was recognized as famous art critic. It was in 1961. The most critical comment is that a picture was a flat surface having paint on it.

Frank Stella Facts 8:  full three dimensionalities

In the year 1980s up to 1990s, he began so much involved in full three dimensionality painting. He putted on pillars, cones, French curves, waves, and others to be the sculptural forms.

Frank Stella Pic

Frank Stella Pic

Frank Stella Facts 9: Van Tassell and Kearney Horse Auction Mart

He owned Van Tassell and Kearney Horse Auction Mart in the year around 1978 up to 2005.

Frank Stella Facts 10: exhibitions

His work was involved in many exhibitions including Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

Frank Stella

Frank Stella

Well, many of you I hope understand in how to be able to learn better facts about Frank Stella. It doesn’t matter in how you gain information about it.

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