10 Interesting Claudia Schiffer Facts

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Claudia Schiffer facts are for any people who really want to know about a famous person. If you have no information at all in reviewing her, you can read more information here. The facts are simple, yet very beneficial for you.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 1: ear piercing

Claudia Schiffer actually is recognized as the photo model. One thing which becomes her trademark is the ear piercing. Yet, she didn’t get it until 2006. The first time she got it was for the photo shoot. The purpose of the ear piercing is for the campaign of accessories advertising.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 2: favorite earrings

Once she got her earrings, she has favorite earrings. What becomes her choice are the small diamond studs. The earrings were given by her husband.  There is another type of earrings which she likes such as big gold hoops.

Claudia Schiffer and Kid

Claudia Schiffer and Kid

Claudia Schiffer Facts 3: the family

People need to know about her family. She has two brothers and one sister. Her father is a lawyer. Once, she had the ambition to follow her father’s career. Yet, the dream has never been realized.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 4: top model

She was famous of her career as top model. There are many magazines where she gained the fame. In fact, she has appeared on more than 900 magazine covers. This made her gaining record as top supermodel having most covers.

Claudia Schiffer at Cannes

Claudia Schiffer at Cannes

Claudia Schiffer Facts 5: trivias

If you learn better about her, she had ever become a cameo in a film such as “Love Actually”. She is a fan of Prada especially the clothing. People also recognize her as volunteer of UNICEF.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 6: two children

In reviewing about her facts, she actually has two children. The names of the children are Casper and Clementine. She really loves her children.

Claudia Schiffer facts

Claudia Schiffer facts

Claudia Schiffer Facts 7: relationship

Claudia Schiffer was married to Matthew Vaughn. He was film producer. Yet, in the year around 1993 up to 1999, she had the engagement to famous magician David Copperfield.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 8:  body measurement

Claudia has the weight of 124 lbs and has the height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Claudia Schiffer hot

Claudia Schiffer hot

Claudia Schiffer Facts 9: spokesman

Claudia is also famous because of her involvement in breast cancer movement and awareness. She is the spokesman of such awareness movement.

Claudia Schiffer Facts 10: languages

She is able to speak several languages such as French, English, and also German.

Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer

Those facts about Claudia Schiffer are basic to understand. Claudia Schiffer is popular because of her beauty and great career.

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