10 Interesting Hank Aaron Facts

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Hank Aaron facts are primary for those who want to learn about biography. It can be sure that people have different preferences in how to get the information about him. The facts below can be your basic info to recognize about him actually.

Hank Aaron Facts 1: birth

Hank Aaron was born in Alabama. It was in Mobile. The parents are Herbert Aaron and Estella Aaron. He was a very regular boy at that time.

Hank Aaron Facts 2: siblings

He had 7 siblings. One of his brothers named Tommie Aaron also went on the play Major League Baseball. By the time he retired, he and also his brother held the record for most career home runs. He also had sibling in League Championship Series to be the teammates.

Hank Aaron Baseball

Hank Aaron Baseball

Hank Aaron Facts 3: Central High School

He had attended to Central High School as the freshman and a sophomore. During the time, he excelled in football. His success on the football had led him to get scholarship. Yet, he turned down it in order to pursue a baseball professional career.

Hank Aaron Facts 4: minor league career

He began his minor league career on November 20, 1951. It was the time when baseball scout Ed Scoot signed the contract for Aaron to Indianapolis Clowns.

Hank Aaron facts

Hank Aaron facts

Hank Aaron Facts 5: marriages

He had two marriages actually. The current wife is Billye and the past wife who he got divorced to was Barbara Lucas.

Hank Aaron Facts 6: Children

He had children both with Billye and Barbara. They are Ceci, Dorinda, the twins Gary and Lary, and also Hank Jr. Gary died in the hospital in fact.

Hank Aaron Image

Hank Aaron Image

Hank Aaron Facts 7: 25th anniversary of home run

In the year 1999, he got the 25th anniversary of his home run record. MLB provided him an award given as the best overall hitter in each league.

Hank Aaron Facts 8:  National Baseball Hall of Fame

It was in April 25, 2009 when he got his permanent exhibit. It opened at National Baseball Hall of Fame in New York.

Hank Aaron Pic

Hank Aaron Pic

Hank Aaron Facts 9: fame

Any people who love to play baseball indeed gain interest and inspiration from him. They are many other people who really love to get info about him actually.

Hank Aaron Facts 10: Hank Aaron Childhood Home and Museum

It was in April 14, 2010 when his Hank Aaron Childhood Home & Museum opened in Mobile, Alabama.

Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron

The facts about Hank Aaron can inspire some people who have the interest in baseball. This man had many achievements during his career in the sport. What I provided above are only small facts related to him. You can learn more by your own effort.

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