10 Interesting Harper Lee Facts

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Harper Lee facts are some trivia related to this famous novelist. Any fans of her indeed may hunt for information and facts about her. There are many things that they don’t know at all actually. Therefore the facts below can be the help.

Harper Lee Facts 1: who is she?

There are people who don’t know yet about her. She was famous writer and novelist. She was really famous because if her work “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It was awarded by the Pulitzer Prize in 1961. The book became so much famous internationally. It even had been adapted into screen in the year 1962.

Harper Lee Facts 2: birth

Understanding fact about Harper Lee should also relate to her birth. She was born in April 28, 1926. Her birth name was Nelle Harper Lee. There are still few people who recognize about this fact indeed. So, you need to learn more.

Harper Lee facts

Harper Lee facts

Harper Lee Facts 3: To Kill a Mockingbird

Her famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” was deal with the issues or problems of racism. It was triggered by her observation of her hometown of Monroeville. It was when she was a child indeed.

Harper Lee Facts 4: family

She was the youngest of 5 children of Amasa Coleman Lee and also Frances Cunningham Finch. She was raised in Monroeville, Alabama. The first name, Nelle, was the name of her grandmother spelled backbard. His father was former newspaper editor and his mother was homemaker.

Harper Lee Old

Harper Lee Old

Harper Lee Facts 5: as a child

As a child, people recognize her to be a tomboy. She also was precocious reader. She was also the best friends with Truman Capote who was the neighbor and her schoolmate.

Harper Lee Facts 6: at school

She studied at Monroe County High School. Lee developed an interest in English literature actually. She graduated in high school in 1944. Later she went to the all female Huntingdon College in Montgomery.

Harper Lee Pic

Harper Lee Pic

Harper Lee Facts 7: Presidential Medal of Freedom

She also gained the Presidential Medal of Freedom from George W.Bush. It was on November 5, 2007. In fact, it was the highest civilian award in United States in order to recognize individuals who had contributed significantly to society.

Harper Lee Facts 8:  copyright

She had problem with copyright of her novel. Therefore she filed lawsuit to federal court in Manhattan on May 3, 2013.

Harper Lee Young

Harper Lee Young

Harper Lee Facts 9: Monroe County Heritage Museum

It was the problem when Monroe County Heritage Museum used the title of her novel to sell souvenirs. This was the trigger for her lawsuit filling.

Harper Lee Facts 10: Capote

There was a film Capote in 2005 where she was portrayed by Catherine Keener. There were in fact many other films where she was portrayed.

Nelle Harper Lee

Nelle Harper Lee

The facts about Harper Lee above only some of the overall facts you can learn about her. For further info, you can conduct more reviews from any different sources indeed. So, just be more attentive about it indeed before you do the research.

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