8 Interesting Saint David Facts

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Saint David Facts talk about the patron saint of Wales. This saint is honored by the people on 1st March per year. In Wales, he was called as Dewi Sant which means Saint David in English.  If you visit Wales, you will know that he is famous here. There are many churches established to honor him. The Saint David’s Day is also celebrated every year. Get more interesting facts about Saint David below:

Saint David Facts 1: the early life

Did you know that Saint David was originated from the rich and wealth family? Saint Non was his mother, St Paulinus was his teacher. His family was from West Wales.

Saint David Facts 2: spreading Christianity

Saint David contributed a lot to the spread of Christianity in West Britain. He decided to stay with his community in Menevia even though he was appointed as the Archbishop of Wales.

Saint David Facts

Saint David Facts

Saint David Facts 3: a national festival

The people in Wales celebrated Saint David’s Day since 18th century. It is called as the national festival. During the celebration, the local people wear a leek or daffodil. Both are used to symbolize Wales.

Saint David Facts 4: the buildings

During the celebration of Saint David’s Day, you can also see a lot of buildings decorated with Y Ddraig Goch. It is the Wales National flag which contains the Red Dragon or Y Draig Goch.

Saint David of Wales

Saint David of Wales

Saint David Facts 5: Saint Elvis of Munster

The legend states that Saint Elvis of Munster baptized Saint David. The legend also said that the water used after the baptism of Saint David had miraculous effect. It cured a blind man.

Saint David Facts 6: another legend of blind man

Saint David was educated in a local monastery. The location is the present day Aberaeron. His teacher was a blind monk named Paulinus. He cured him by making a sign of the cross. After he was cured, Paulinus thought that David was a holy person. Therefore, he gave him a job to convert the pagan people to Christianity. Get facts about Saint Lucy here.

Saint David Pic

Saint David Pic

Saint David Facts 7: who was he?

Saint David was born circa 500 and passed away circa 589.  In the 6th century, he was famous as a Welsh bishop of Menevia. The birth date of David is not certain.  The historians believed that he was born around 462 to 512.

Saint David Facts 8: death

The legend stated that David could live up to 100 years old. He passed away on 1 March 589. Therefore, it was selected as the Saint David’s Day. Find out facts about Saint Paul here.

Saint David's Day

Saint David’s Day


Saint David

Saint David

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