10 Interesting Lettuce Facts

Friday, June 13th 2014. | Food

If you want to educate yourself more about one of the most popular vegetables in the world, you need to check Lettuce facts. Lettuce can be used in raw material. You do not need to cook it. Many people like to have lettuce in their salad. Let’s find out more about lettuce by reading the following post below:

Lettuce Facts 1: nutritional value

When we talk about the nutritional value of lettuce, it is hard to define. The nutrition depends on the variety of lettuce. In average, lettuce contains a small fat, little protein, a small fiber and carbohydrate.

Lettuce Facts 2: Iceberg

The head of a lettuce is called iceberg. You can only find small nutritional flavor and value in it. You can get high amount of water in the iceberg lettuce. If you want to have higher fiber, nutritional value and flavor, you can eat the dark green lettuce. Find out facts about Lemon for more fruit to give nutrient to the body.

Lettuce  Baby Butterhead

Lettuce Baby Butterhead

Lettuce Facts 3: the most important nutrients

Potassium and vitamin A are the most important nutrients that you can find on lettuce. You can also get copper, iron, calcium and vitamin C from all kinds of lettuce except the iceberg lettuce.

Lettuce Facts 4: colors

The color of lettuce determines the nutritional value that people can get. If you eat darker colored lettuce, you can get more nutritional values than the light colored lettuce.

Lettuce  Facts

Lettuce Facts

Lettuce Facts 5: one cup of raw lettuce

You can get 1 gram of protein, 9 calories and 1.3 grams of fiber from one cup of raw lettuce.

Lettuce Facts 6: dietary fiber

The parts of lettuce which contains a lot of dietary fiber are the spine and ribs.  The leaf of lettuce is the source of minerals and vitamins.

Lettuce  Green

Lettuce Green

Lettuce Facts 7: vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important to the body of human being. You can get it from lettuce. It maintains the health of eyes and prevents cancer.

Lettuce Facts 8: ascorbic acid oxidize

You need to avoid damage one the lettuce leaves.  You do not need to slice and cut the leaves of lettuce since it can release ascorbic acid oxidize.  The oxidize can damage the vitamin C.

Lettuce  Pic

Lettuce Pic

Lettuce Facts 9: romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce is often used in green smoothie.  This lettuce has mild flavor. It can be mixed with any kinds of fruits to make delicious smoothies.

Lettuce Facts 10: protein in romaine lettuce

You can get 17 percent of protein from 7.7 grams of romaine lettuce.  The protein that you get is complete. You can get 26 percent RDA and 8 essential amino acids.



You can also get omega 3 from romaine lettuce. Are you interested with facts about lettuce?

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