10 Interesting Apple Facts

Sunday, July 21st 2013. | Food

Let’s read the apple facts if you want to know the nutrition and health benefits given by this popular fruit. People like to eat one apple each day to enjoy the healthy benefit. Apple sold in the store comes in various options. You can have it in red, green, pink or yellow color. The taste is great. You can make apple juice if you want to. Here are some interesting facts about apple:

Apple Facts 1: Family

One member of rose family is apple. This popular fruit has been eaten by human being since 6500 BC.  It is a fact because some archeologists have found the evidence to support the statement.

Apple Facts 2: Origin of Apple

The area between the Black Sea and Caspian is the place where an apple tree comes from. The varieties of apple are numerous. When it comes about the taste and size, you can see it in the size of a cheery. You can enjoy an apple with a taste of a coconut, cloves, cinnamon, citrus, pears, and many more.

Apple Facts

Apple Facts

Apple Facts 3: Seeds

Each variety of apples has different number of seeds. Most of them have 5 seed carpels. The number of the seed on each carpel depends on the health of the apple plant. If the apple plant is healthy enough, you can have higher number of seeds on each carpel. Read water melon facts to know another food in detail.

Apple Facts 4: Energy to Produce an Apple

The apple plant needs to use 50 leaves to generate an apple. In US, There are more than 2,500 of apple varieties.



Apple Facts 5: No Fat

The people who want to lower the weight can eat an apple each day. This fruit contains no fat. It is safe to eat every day.  It has no cholesterol and sodium. You can get much fiber that can increase the digestive system.

Apple Facts 6: Fresh Apple

If you want to determine whether the apple is fresh or not, you can plunge the apple on the water. The fresh apple will float. It is due to the fact that 25 percent of its weight is filled with air. Another food giving you nutritious benefit is seen on chicken facts.

Fresh Apple

Fresh Apple

Apple Facts 7: Growth of Apple

The first fruit of a new planted apple tree will be produced after it reaches 4 to 5 years. If you want the fresh apple ripen faster, you can store the apples in a room temperature. It can ripen 10 times faster than you keep them in a refrigerator.

Apple Facts 8: Weight

A peck of apples has the weight around 48 kilograms or 10.5 pounds. The weight of a bushel of apples is around 19 kilograms or 42 pounds.

Green Apple

Green Apple

Apple Facts 9: Producers of Apples

There are many countries which produce apples as the main commodity. Those include China, Italy, Turkey, US and Poland.

Apple Facts 10: Official State Fruit

The official state flower for Michigan and Arkansas is pyrus coronaria or apple blossom. The official state fruit for Washington, Rhode Island, West Virginia and New York is apple

Red Apple

Red Apple

Eating an apple every day also gives a positive impact on your teeth. Your teeth will be stronger. Do you have any question on facts about apples?

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