10 Interesting the Caribbean Facts

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The Caribbean Facts tell you about the region located at the southeast of Gulf of Mexico. You can spot various islands and Caribbean Sea in the region. It consists of around 700 islands, reefs, islets and cays.  You can find Lesser Antilles on the south and east side and Greater Antilles on the north. If you want to know more about this region, check the detail information below:

The Caribbean Facts 1: the primary countries

Caribbean has several primary countries like French Guiana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela and Belize.

The Caribbean Facts 2: the climate of Caribbean

The Bahamas, Cuba and Puerto Rico have the tropical to subtropical climate. The water currents and rainfall are varied depending on the areas of Caribbean. But most areas in Caribbean get high amount of sunshine. The people like to visit Caribbean for they can enjoy the warm climate.

Caribbean Images

Caribbean Images

The Caribbean Facts 3: the hurricane season

In June to November, the hurricane season takes place in Caribbean. But some areas experience it in August and September.  The northern islands often face the hurricane season than other islands.

The Caribbean Facts 4: the water temperature

The water temperature in Caribbean is around 88 degree F to 72 degree F. During the year; it has the warm air temperature. During the winter months, the continental masses often influence the northern islands like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Bahamas.

the Caribbean Facts

the Caribbean Facts

The Caribbean Facts 5: the colonies of European nations

In the past, there were many islands in Caribbean served as the colonies of European nations. Now some of them are independent, while others are still dependent. Get facts about Black Sea here.

The Caribbean Facts 6: the biological diversity

The biological diversity of the Caribbean is famous in the world.  You can find different kinds of plants, fungi, and animals.

Facts about Caribbean

Facts about Caribbean

The Caribbean Facts 7: the coral reef

Do you know that 8 percent of the coral reef in the world is located in the Caribbean? Find coral reef facts here.

The Caribbean Facts 8: the fungi

There are around 11250 species of fungi recorded from the Caribbean. It seems that the number of the fungi species in Caribbean is higher for there are many unrecorded fungi.

Caribbean sea

Caribbean sea

The Caribbean Facts 9: the decline of marine ecosystem

The ocean acidification and global warming are the primary causes of the rapid decline of the marine ecosystem in the Caribbean.

The Caribbean Facts 10: the indigenous people

The indigenous people who live in the Caribbean are Arawak, Garifuna, Raizal, Garifuna, Kalinago, Ciboney and many more.

Caribbean Pic

Caribbean Pic

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Caribbean?

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