10 Interesting Moldova Facts

Monday, August 4th 2014. | Countries

Moldova Facts present the famous country with its wine production.  The famous person came from Moldova was Stefan cel Mare. He was a great ruler who lived in 1457 to 1504. He won 34 wars from 36 wars. Here are the interesting facts about Moldova for you:

Moldova Facts 1: internet access

Internet is very important in the development of technology. You must be impressed with Moldova because the internet ranking speed is on the third place in the world. It is super fast. Check another country with fast internet speed in South Korea facts.

Moldova Facts 2: Cleopatra Stratan

Cleopatra Stratan comes from Moldova. She is famous as the youngest artist who scored 1 hit in the country. She also held the record as the youngest artist who received MTV movie award. You can also call her as the highest paid young artist.

Moldova Country

Moldova Country

Moldova Facts 3: the largest village

Do you know that the largest village in Europe is located in Moldova?  You just have to visit Congaz.

Moldova Facts 4: Denoterium

Denoterium is called as the biggest animal ever lived in Moldova. Denoterium is a breed of elephant. You can visit the ethnographic museum in Moldova to see the skeleton of Denoterium. The skeleton is ranked as the second biggest park in the continent.

Moldova Culture

Moldova Culture

Moldova Facts 5: parks

Moldova is a good country to visit. There are 40 parks in the country. You can learn about the exotic plants, unique trees species, and lakes.

Moldova Facts 6: oak tree

Do you know that the oldest oak tree in Moldova has the age of 600 years old?

Moldova Facts

Moldova Facts

Moldova Facts 7: wine exporters

Wine is one of the main commodities in Moldova. The country is ranked as the 12th wine exporter in the world.   People have been involved in wine making and vine growing for more than 5000 years.

Moldova Facts 8: Strong Drinks Museum

If you visit Tirnauca Village, you can go to the Strong Drinks Museum. The building is created in the shape of the bottle with the height of 28 meter.

Moldova Road

Moldova Road

Moldova Facts 9: The Milestii Mici’s wine collection

There are 1.5 million bottles of wine in the Milestii Mici’s wine collection. Therefore, it holds the Largest Quality Wine Collection in the World in the Guinness Book of record.

Moldova Facts 10: Cricova

Cricova is the largest underground wine cellar in the world. It is located hidden in Moldova.



If you want to enjoy beautiful and quite setting in Moldova, you can go to Taul Natural Reservation. It is the biggest park with 46 ha. It has the coral formation and caves. But they are protected. Are you impressed with facts about Moldova?

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