10 Interesting the Zulu Culture Facts

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The Zulu Culture Facts tell us about the culture of a Bantu ethnic group who lives in Southern Africa. In South Africa, Zulu is considered as the largest ethnic group.  The province of KwaZulu-Natal is inhabited by 10 to 11 million Zulu people. A few of Zulu people live in Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Zulu Culture Facts 1: language

In South Africa, the most spoken language is isiZulu language. It is a kind of Bantu language. It serves as an official language in the country.

The Zulu Culture Facts 2: the importance of isiZulu language

The isiZulu language is considered as the first language for at least 9 million people. It becomes the second language for 15 million people.

the Zulu Culture Pic

the Zulu Culture Pic

The Zulu Culture Facts 3: the clothing

Zulu people wear different kinds of clothes depending the occasions. For everyday usage, they will wear the modern westernized clothes. During the celebratory and ceremonial events, they will wear the traditional clothes. Get facts about Chinese culture here.

The Zulu Culture Facts 4: the women and clothing

The clothing style of Zulu women is determined by their status as a single, married or engaged woman.

the Zulu Culture

the Zulu Culture

The Zulu Culture Facts 5: the religions

Christianity is considered as the most common religion among the Zulu people. However, some of them still believe in the traditional pre-Christian belief.

The Zulu Culture Facts 6: Zulu religion

UNkulunkulu is considered as the creator god in Zulu religion. AmaThongo or amaDlozi are considered as the ancestor spirits of Zulu people. Find facts about the Spanish culture here.

the Zulu Culture People

the Zulu Culture People

The Zulu Culture Facts 7: the rural households of Zulu people

The people who stay in the similar house, which share relation by marriage, blood and adoption are called as umndeni or family. The extended family of Zulu is found in most rural households where grandparents, parents, children’s, unmarried sisters and brothers with wives live together under the same roof.

The Zulu Culture Facts 8: patriarchal family

The patriarchal family system is applied in Zulu. The figure of authority is the family is the man.

the Zulu Culture Image

the Zulu Culture Image

The Zulu Culture Facts 9: the economy

Agriculture and raising cattle are the two major economic sources for the Zulu living in the rural areas.

The Zulu Culture Facts 10: the food

The agricultural products and cow are considered as the primary staple diet for Zulu people. Their diet includes fruits, vegetables, yams, corn flour, curdled milk and many more. The people also have their own Zulu beer.

the Zulu Culture Facts

the Zulu Culture Facts

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