10 Interesting Frere Jacques Facts

Wednesday, April 16th 2014. | Culture

Let’s talk about something fun in Frere Jacques facts. Frere Jacques song is very famous around the world. This is a French nursery melody that all children recognize. They like to listen and sing this nursery melody. Let’s find out about the history of Frere Jacques in the following post below:

Frere Jacques Facts 1: English

Frere Jacques has some versions. This French version is called the Frere Jacques, while the English version come in a lot of options. You can call it Brother John, Are you sleeping, Brother Peter or even I hear Thunder.

Frere Jacques Facts 2: the original French

Let’s find out the real script of the French version of Frère Jacques. The original script is as followed:
Frère Jacques, frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous ? Dormez-vous ?
Sonnez les matines ! Sonnez les matines !
Ding, daing, dong. Ding, daing, dong.

Frere Jacques Facts

Frere Jacques Facts

Frere Jacques Facts 3:the English song

You can translate the Frère Jacques song into the English version as followed:
Are you sleeping, are you sleeping,
Brother John? Brother John?
Morning bells are ringing! Morning bells are ringing!
Ding, dang, dong. Ding, dang, dong.

Frere Jacques Facts 4: Friar

Friar is the translation for Frere. Actually the song is for the religious monk named Jacques.

Frere Jacques Melody

Frere Jacques Melody

Frere Jacques Facts 5: Friar and Frere

As I have stated before the word Friar is derived from the Frere. In English, it means brother. During the 13th century, the English people used the French language. At that time, there were four great orders of Friars.

Frere Jacques Facts 6: frater

Do you know that the word Frère is derived from the word Frater? It is a Latin word. The meaning of the word is brother.

Frere Jacques Monks

Frere Jacques Monks

Frere Jacques Facts 7: early Morning Prayer

The song is considered as the early morning or midnight prayer.  This song is used so that the monk will wake up after hearing the song. This explanation is mentioned by the Matins.

Frere Jacques Facts 8: Frère Jacques Beaulieu

Frère Jacques Beaulieu is always associated with the Frere Jacques. However, there is no evidence that both names have connection. Frère Jacques Beaulieu was a lithotomist who lived in 17th century.

Frere Jacques Nursery

Frere Jacques Nursery

Frere Jacques Facts 9: Francesca Draughon and Raymond Knapp

There are many debates about the origin and purpose of Frere Jacques. Francesca Draughon and Raymond Knapp stated that this song actually is used to taunt Martin Luther, Protestants and Jewish people.

Frere Jacques Facts 10: Dominican monks

Another opinion about Frere Jacques is explored by Martine David and A. Marie Delrieu. Both state that this song is used to mock the Dominican monks. Based on the history the Dominican monks are always associated with compliable and nice way of life.

Frere Jacques

Frere Jacques

Kids love to sing Frere Jacques. What do you think on facts about Frere Jacques?

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