10 Interesting Blue Whale facts

Thursday, June 27th 2013. | Animals

If you want to know on the cool blue whale facts, read the whole story on the post below. Blue whale is considered as the largest animal ever lived in the world. The weight can reach 150 tons with the length up to 100 feet. You can compare 1 blue whale with 30 elephants. If you compare it with dinosaur, it is bigger. Check more facts below:

Blue Whale Facts 1: Blue Whale’s Tail

When you talk about blue whale, you should never forget to talk about its tail. The length of the tail can reach the length of soccer net.   It is measured about 8 meters or 25 feet.

Blue Whale Facts 2: Blue Whale’s Flipper

Everything that people can observe on blue whale is giant, big and long.  The flipper can reach the length of human height. The flipper of a blue whale is analogues as the hand of human being.

Blue Whale swimming

Blue Whale swimming

Blue Whale Facts 3: Blowhole

Another part of body of blue whale is called as blowhole. It is functioned like a nose for human being. The hole is big and is located on their head. A baby can crawl inside the blowhole easily because it is so big.  When the blue whale breathes, it can blow up to 30 feet.

Blue Whale Facts 4: Heart

The heart of a blue whale can reach the size of a small car.

Blue Whale on Beach

Blue Whale on Beach

Blue Whale Facts 5: Baby Blue Whale

Before blue whale can reach the big size, it will be born as a baby blue whale. The size of this baby looks like two minivans.

Blue Whale Facts 6: Mouth

The mouth of blue whale is equipped with a big tongue with a size of an elephant. The mouth of a blue whale can accommodate 400 people.

Blue Whale Pic

Blue Whale Pic

Blue Whale Facts 7: Artery of Blue Whale

The size of blue whale’s arteries is about 9 inches. It is easy for a baby to crawl in the blue whale arteries. Dolphin facts give you a big comparison on both animals.

Blue Whale Facts 8: Habitat

Blue whale is a very fast swimmer even though it has a big body. This animal can be seen living in all oceans in the world.

Blue Whale Underwater

Blue Whale Underwater

Blue Whale Facts 9: Hunting Of Blue Whale

Blue whale is always hunted by the people for several purposes. They like to use it for the oil, food and cosmetics. Another animal to hunt is killer whale. Read killer whale facts for detail info.

Blue Whale Facts 10: Pollution

Blue whale can be found dead on the ocean because of the high intensity of water and air pollution. The oil spill makes the ocean dirt and kills many inhabitants including blue whale.

Blue Whale Facts

Blue Whale Facts

Blue whale is just like any other whales in the world. You need to preserve the water ecosystem by reducing the oil spill, hunting and pollution to save the ecosystem. Many sea animals not only blue whale but also seals, polar bears, octopus and fish extinct because of the bad change on the oceans. Do you consider the facts about blue whale above?

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