10 Interesting Peacock Facts

Monday, September 29th 2014. | Animals

If you want to know one of the most beautiful birds in the world, you can check Peacock Facts. Peacock is included in the pheasant family of birds.  The color of peacock makes the people impressed.  The special features that you can see on peacock are the iridescent eyes, fan like tail, and crested head. Get more facts about peacock here:

Peacock Facts 1: peafowl

When you want to call the peacock in general, you can use the term peafowl. Actually the word peacock is used to call the male species.

Peacock Facts 2: the species of peacock

Can you mention the species of peacock? Actually it has three types of species. Those are the green peafowl, Indian or blue peafowl and Congo peafowl.

Peacock Beauty

Peacock Beauty

Peacock Facts 3: weight and body length

Let’s find out the weight and body length of a peacock. In average, the body of peacock comes at the length of 90 to 130 cm or 35 to 50 inches. If you measure the body until its train, it is around 1.5 m or 5 feet. The weight of this animal is around 8.75 to 13 lbs or 4 to 6 kg. Get facts about birds here.

Peacock Facts 4: the colorful train

If you think that all peacocks have colorful train, you are wrong. The female ones do not have it. Only the male species have the colorful train which can be used to attract the females.

Peacock Facts

Peacock Facts

Peacock Facts 5: life span

Peacock can live up to 20 years.

Peacock Facts 6: the female peafowl

The term used to call the female peafowl is the peahen. She will choose the male peafowl/ peacock based on the quality, color and size of the train.

Peacock Green

Peacock Green

Peacock Facts 7: a beautiful fan

Not only the female peacock who like with beautiful train of male peacock. When you see the train turns into beautiful fan, you will be amazed too.

Peacock Facts 8: food

There are several types of food that peacock like to eat such as insects, flowers, plants and reptiles.

Peacock Pictures

Peacock Pictures

Peacock Facts 9: protection

When a peacock wants to avoid the predator, he or she flies to the tree.

Peacock Facts10: the harem

The harem of a male peacock consists of 2 until 5 females.  When you want to call the family of peacock, you can call it bevy. The chicks are the babies of peacock.



The colors of the peacock feather are different every time you change the angle when you view the bird. The color changes due to the reflection of light. You can find it in red, gold, green or red. Are you impressed with facts about peacock?

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