10 Interesting Blue Jay Facts

Friday, June 21st 2013. | Animals

Recognize the characteristics a larger backyard bird by reading the blue jay facts. Blue jay is a big bird that you can find around the backyard. The bird is native to North American. Its habitat is located in the central and eastern parts. If you live in US, you can see the bird on New Mexico, Wyoming and Colorado. For more behavior, diet, and features of this animal, read the following explanation below:

Blue Jay Facts 1: An Aggressive Bird

Be careful with blue jay. This animal is aggressive and loud.  It will cry as a warming for other birds and predators. This bird can replicate the call of a hawk.

Blue Jay Facts 2: Bird Mood

You can enjoy the mood of blue jay by observing the crest. When it is surprised, excited or aggressive, the crest will be erected.  It will stay in flat look if blue jay is calm. The crest will be bristled out if the blue jay is afraid.

Blue Jay facts

Blue Jay facts

Blue Jay Facts 3: Adult Blue Jays

The adult blue is unique with its unusual behavior. In June and July the bird will use ant to clean the feathers. Sometimes blue jay also uses the weird material for the anting process.

Blue Jay Facts 4: Diet

To stay survive, blue jay has to eat food. It likes to eat nuts, fruit, insect and grains. They also like hunting young bird, grasshopper, and egg bird.

Blue Jay

Blue Jay

Blue Jay Facts 5: Monogamous Bird

Blue jay is considered as a monogamous bird. When a female and male blue jay is paired, the relation will last forever. Both will build their own nest on the tree. The male blue jay will find food when the female is in the incubation process.

Blue Jay Facts 6: Nest of Blue Jay

The nest of blue jay is made from grass, bark, twigs, leaves, stick, and roots.  The male and female blue jays make a nest together.  He will place the nest on a tree located in the height from 8 up to 30 feet. The shape of the nest is in an open cub.

Flying Blue Jay

Flying Blue Jay

Blue Jay Facts 7: Eggs of Blue Jay

Female blue jay can lay 2 up to 7 eggs. They have light born or bluish color.

Blue Jay Facts 8: Birdhouse

You can attract blue jay to live around your house by attaching a small nest platform that blue jay can use to live.  Ensure that you have a big tree on the backyard that it can use as a nest.

Nest of Blue Jay

Nest of Blue Jay

Blue Jay Facts 9: Flying Blue Jay

Blue jay can fly on the sky, but it is not a good flyer. Blue jay is an easy prey for the faster flying birds like owls and hawks.

Blue Jay Facts 10: Body Color in Blue Jay

The blue color on the feather is not derived from the pigment. It is because of distortion which makes the color for feathers look blue. If you take away the blue feather, the blue shade will eliminate.

Pretty Blue Jay

Pretty Blue Jay

Now why don’t you check whether there is a blue jay or not on the backyard of your house? If you have a big tree there, you can install a small bird house with a roof as nest for the bird. What do you think on the facts about blue Jay?

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