10 Interesting Mouse Facts

Sunday, July 27th 2014. | Animals

Get the information about a small mammal included the family of rodent by reading Mouse facts.    The plural form of mouse is mice.  This animal is characterized with its small ears, pointed snouts, hairless tails and elongated bodies. It resembles the look of a diminutive rat. Here are the detail facts about mouse for you:

Mouse Facts 1: close relation

Mouse has close relation with gerbils, hamsters, and rats because all of them are included in the super family Miroidea. Get hamster facts here.

Mouse Facts 2: tail

Mouse has a tail.  The length is similar with the length of their body. Mouse can climb well because the tail has scales which help them to combine and balance the body. You can find the animal jump up in 12 feet without hurting the body.

Mouse Cute

Mouse Cute

Mouse Facts 3: diet

If you ask me the food that mouse likes to eat, you must be amazed that mouse can eat almost anything.  The animal can live from 1 to 2 years.

Mouse Facts 4: weight

Let’s talk about the weight of a mouse.  It is around 0.5 to 1 ounce.  You have to be careful with mouse because it can transmit a disease, salmonellosis. If the food is contaminated with infected mouse faeces, people can have food poisoning because of the disease.

Mouse Facts

Mouse Facts

Mouse Facts 5: traveling

You can find smudge mark on the route where the mouse travels.  The animal will use the route repeatedly.  The mark is created from dirt and oil. Actually the animal will never leave their nest far away. It usually travels 12 to 20 feet from the nest.

Mouse Facts 6: house mouse

A house mouse is considered as a pet for people because it makes the room stingy, dirty and oily. Do you know that house mouse breeds throughout the year? It is not easy to control the breeding of house mouse.

Mouse Image

Mouse Image

Mouse Facts 7: pregnancy

The gestation period of a mouse is very only 48 hours. It can products a litter in 48 hours after the mouse is pregnant.

Mouse Facts 8: vertical surface

As I have stated before, mouse is able to climb. There is no need to wonder if the animal can run vertically on the pipes, cables, sheet metal, brick and wood.

Wood Mouse

Wood Mouse

Mouse Facts 9: new born mouse

If you look at the new born mouse, it has closed eyes and ears. The baby is hairless.

Mouse Facts 10: Mickey Mouse

Even though people hate the real mouse, they love the famous character, Mickey Mouse.  This iconic character resembles a mouse. It was created by Walt Disney.

White Mouse

White Mouse

It will be better if you can clear and secure the house from any mouse. You can increase the healthy lifestyle at home. Do you want to give opinion on facts about mouse?

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