10 Interesting Avril Lavigne Facts

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Avril Lavigne facts give the valuable information about one of the best singers in the world. This girl is always associated with weird fashion dressing. But it looks great on her. It makes this girl unique and fabulous. She has many bestselling albums which make her get many awards. Here are the complete facts about Avril Lavigne:

Avril Lavigne Facts 1: profession

Avril Lavigne is not only a singer. She is also an actress and songwriter. She plays some musical instruments such as Drums, piano and guitar.

Avril Lavigne Facts 2: Matt

Matt is the name of his brother. You can see him playing bass in Avril Lavigne’s video clip, girlfriend.

Avril Lavigne Beauty

Avril Lavigne Beauty

Avril Lavigne Facts 3: networth

Forbes states that Avril Lavigne is one of the successful and richest young celebrities in the world. Her net worth can reach the rate around 70 million dollar.

Avril Lavigne Facts 4: nationality

Even though Avril Lavigne can be seen around in USA, she is a French- Canadian girl. Her religion is Christian.

Avril Lavigne Facts

Avril Lavigne Facts

Avril Lavigne Facts 5: Singing contest

When she was 13 years old, a local radio sponsored a singing contest. She was the winner in the contest. Then Avril worked to cheer the country music festival and chairs before she is a famous singer now.

Avril Lavigne Facts 6: Sk8er Boy

Sk8er Boy is her first video. It makes her gain popularly and fame around the world.  She has her younger sister Michelle appears in the video. You can see her in a car.

Avril Lavigne Hair cut

Avril Lavigne Hair cut

Avril Lavigne Facts 7: style

Avril has its own style and fashion sense. She likes pop rock and punk rock.

Avril Lavigne Facts 8: nick name

Her full name just like what you know is Avril Ramona Lavigne. Her nick name is Abbey. Her eye color is blue with the natural hair color of light brown. She is a vegetarian.

Avril Lavigne on Red Carpet

Avril Lavigne on Red Carpet

Avril Lavigne Facts 9: date of birth

Avril was born on 27 December 1984.  Her zodiac is Libra. She was 1.58 meter.

Avril Lavigne Facts 10: Shania Twain

It was a wonderful moment for Avril Lavigne to share stage with the diva Shania Twain when she was only 13 years old. Now she is famous. But many people always compare her with Alanis Morrissette.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

When she was a child, Avril is involved in many church choirs.  Many people at that time stated that she look liked an angel. In the age for 16 years old, she began to work on her first CD which made her to go to Manhattan. Do you have any comment on facts about Avril Lavigne?

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