10 Interesting Ibn Battuta Facts

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Ibn Battuta facts show you the history, achievement and journey of the famous traveler. When he was in India, the Indian ruler gives him a title Gadi. The word actually means Judge. He was considered as the grand Gadi of Delhi.

Ibn Battuta Facts 1: Australia

It seems that Australia  is one of the places that Batutta did not go on his traveling journey. All of the travels of Ibn Battuta were written by  Ibn Juzayy. He was the assistant of Ibn Battuta.

Ibn Battuta Facts 2:the travels

Ibn Battuta is famous because of his travels. He spent 30 years to complete his travels. He  did it in 1325. He went to some countries such as China, India, Spain and Africa. He traversed 75,000 miles.

Ibn Battuta Facts

Ibn Battuta Facts

Ibn Battuta Facts 3: Rihlah

Rihlah is the name of the famous travel book of Ibn Battuta. In English, the title of the book means Travels.   The content of the book talks about his journey to Africa and Asia.

Ibn Battuta Facts 4:Hajj

Ibn Batuuate had 7 Hajj to Mecca. Ibn Battuta is a Muslim so that he needed to make Hajj. It is included as one of the five pillars of Islam.

Ibn Battuta Movies

Ibn Battuta Movies

Bin Battuta Facts 5:full name

Do you know the full name of Ibn Battuta?  He was born with name Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta in Morocco.

Ibn Battuta Facts 6:beginning of the travel

He travelled to Asia and Africa when he was only 21 years old. He was so young at that time. But he had the courage to travel in different countries in the world.

Ibn Battuta Travels

Ibn Battuta Travels

Ibn Battuta Facts 7: Ibn Battuta Mall

If you decide to visit Dubai United Arab Emirates, you need to go to Ibn Battuta mall. You can enjoy a wonderful interior created based on the travel of Ibn Battuta. The mall was inaugurated in 2005.

Ibn Battuta Facts 8: Ninja Assassin

In the famous movie, Ninja Assassin 2009, you can find the character Ibn Battuta played by Richar Van Weyden.

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta Facts 9: Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena

Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena is a famous Indian poet. In 1970s, he created a popular Hindi nursery rhyme with the title Ibn Batuta pehen ke jotoa.

Ibn Battuta Facts 10: Ibn Battuta Centre

If you want to visit Morocco, don’t forget to go to Ibn Battuta Centre.  You can find out instruments for exploring Moon, landers and test rovers

Ibn Battuta center is also a place for the research institution. Are you fascinated with facts about Ibn Battuta?

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