10 Interesting Martin Van Buren Facts

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Martin Van Buren Facts explore the ideas about one of the former United States presidents. He was born on 5 December 1782. He passed away on 24 July 1862. He was elected in only 1 term. Let’s find out about his term of office, major events and professional life in the following post.

Martin Van Buren Facts 1: term of office

Van Buren sat as the president of United States from 4 March 1837 till 3 March 1841. He was the eighth president of US. His wife was Hannah Hoes who passed away in 1819.

Martin Van Buren Facts 2: nickname

Do you know that Martin Van Buren had some nicknames? People often call him Martin Van Ruin, Old Kinderhook, and Little Magician.

Martin Van Buren  Coin

Martin Van Buren Coin

Martin Van Buren Facts 3: major events

When Van Buren served the office, there were two major events happened. In 1837, people faced Caroline Affair and Panic of 1837.

Martin Van Buren Facts 4: career

Can you guess the early career of Martin Van Buren before he was a president of USA? He was referred as a statesman, politician and lawyer.  He was included as one of the founding fathers of Democrat political party. Check Lyndon B Johnson facts to know the former president from democrat party.

Martin Van Buren Facts

Martin Van Buren Facts

Martin Van Buren Facts 5: date of birth

Van buren was born in Kinderhook, New York on 5 December 1782. Do you know that Van Buren was the first president who was born in America? The seven presidents before Van Buren were born in Britain.

Martin Van Buren Facts 6: Dutch ancestry

Van Buren had Dutch ancestry. He was very fluent in Dutch.  He often spoke Dutch dialect with his wife when both were at home.

Martin Van Buren Quote

Martin Van Buren Quote

Martin Van Buren Facts 7: age of president

Van Buren was the president of United States when he was 54 years old.  He served the office until 1841 for four years.

Martin Van Buren Facts 8: Panic of 1837

During his presidency, people had to face Panic of 1837. The condition of the people at that time was not good because of the economic depression. There were foods riots and bank failures.

Martin Van Buren US President

Martin Van Buren US President

Martin Van Buren Facts 9: Hannah Hoes

Hannah Hoes was his wife. Both of them came from the Dutch Community village of Kinderhook. Both had four children and owned two pet tigers.

Martin Van Buren Facts 10: “Trail of Tears”

During his presidency, “Trail of Tears’ occurred. There were 15,000 Indian people who were forced to leave their land. There were 4,000 Indian people died during the journey.

Martin Van Buren

Martin Van Buren

Van Buren was only 79 years when he passed away on 14 July 1862. Are you fascinated with facts about Martin Van Buren?

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