10 Interesting Rudyard Kipling Facts

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Rudyard Kipling Facts talk about the English poet, novelist and short story writer. You can find that his works focus on the stories for children and the life of British soldiers in poems and tales. Kipling was born on 30 December 1865 in Bombay and passed away on 18 January 1936. When he was five, his family took him to England. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Kipling below:

Rudyard Kipling Facts 1: the famous poems

There are several famous poems of Kipling that you can read. Those include “The White Man’s Burden” (1899), “Mandalay” (1890), “The White Man’s Burden” (1899), “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” (1919), and “Gunga Din” (1890).

Rudyard Kipling Facts 2: the fiction

If you know his fictional works, you can check “The Man Who Would Be King” (1888), Kim (1901), and The Jungle Book (1894).

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling Facts 3: the popularity

Due to his wonderful writing skill, Kipling was called as the most popular writer in England during the 19th and 20th century.

Rudyard Kipling Facts 4: Nobel Prize in Literature

Kipling was the youngest recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature. He got this amazing prize in 1907. He also took the record as the first English language writer who obtained this award.

Rudyard Kipling Painting

Rudyard Kipling Painting

Rudyard Kipling Facts 5: other honors and awards

Actually there were many kinds of honors that he was about to receive such as the knighthood and British Poet Laureateship. However, he declined all of them.

Rudyard Kipling Facts 6: parents

His father was John Lockwood Kipling and his mother was Alice Kipling. His father worked as the Principal and Professor of Architectural Sculpture at Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art in Bombay. He was a wonderful pottery designer and sculptor.

Rudyard Kipling Young

Rudyard Kipling Young

Rudyard Kipling Facts 7: moving to India

In 1865, Alice and John moved to India. Both had their first son and named it Rudyard due to the beauty of Rudyard Lake. Check India Facts here.

Rudyard Kipling Facts 8: the famous relative of Kipling

Stanley Baldwin was the famous relative of Kipling. In 1920s and 1930s, Stanley became the Conservative Prime Minister of United Kingdom.

Rudyard Kipling Facts

Rudyard Kipling Facts

Rudyard Kipling Facts 9: the birth home

Do you know that the birth home of Kipling was used as the Dean’s residence for many years? It is still situated at JJ School of Art, Mumbai. Find out another writer in Robert Louis Stevenson facts.

Rudyard Kipling Facts 10: the life in England

It was a common custom to take the British children to Britain. He and his sister Alice lived with Captain Pryse Agar Holloway and his wife Mrs Sara Holloway.

Rudyard Kipling Author

Rudyard Kipling Author

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