10 Interesting Cody Simpson Facts

Thursday, December 12th 2013. | People

Find out the famous people information in Cody Simpson facts. Cody has the full name of Cody Robert Simpson. This boy has one younger brother named Tom and one younger sister named Alli. Before he gained his fame, he lived in Gold Coast, Queensland. Now he moves to LA, USA. Get more facts about him below:

Cody Simpson Facts 1: hobbies

Cody Simpson has some various hobbies. He likes to surf, dance, swim and play guitar. Even though he does not like doing homework, he can speak French and English fluently.

Cody Simpson Facts 2: favorite movies and books

Do you know that Cody really loves the movie ‘the Hangover’? His favorite books is ”Ice Stations” by Matthew Reilly.

Cody Simpson Cool

Cody Simpson Cool

Cody Simpson Facts 3: swimming

As I have stated before that Cody’s favorite sport is swimming. He is very good at swimming because he has two gold medals that he earned from a swimming competition in Queensland.

Cody Simpson Facts 4: twitter

One way that a celeb can do to get closer with his or her fans is through twitter.  Cody likes to tweet about his funny personal life. It makes her fans interested and impressed.

Cody Simpson facts

Cody Simpson facts

Cody Simpson Facts 5: rumor about duet

There was a rumor spreading around the virtual world that Cody will have a duet with the professional singer Justin Timberlake. Both parties did not have any confirmation about the issue. Let’s wait whether it is true or not.

Cody Simpson Facts 6: a full length album

For his full length album, you can see that Cody has worked with Shawn Campbell and Lil Eddie.

Cody Simpson hair cut

Cody Simpson hair cut

Cody Simpson Facts 7: food

When talking about food, as a fan you need to know what he likes and does not like. Some of his favorite foods include pineapple, peanut and ice cream. He really hates cheese.

Cody Simpson Facts 8: album

One of his best albums was released on December 21st 2010.  It had the title 4U. In the similar years, this boy got an award from Kids Choice Award and Nickelodeon Australia.

Cody Simpson in bed

Cody Simpson in bed

Cody Simpson Facts 9: girl

Most of his fans are girls. Cody has an ex girlfriend. Her name was Abby. Now he is single. He likes a girl who is funny and outgoing.

Cody Simpson Facts 10: his songs

Some of his songs that will be released soon include Dancing In The Rain and Age Is Just A Number.

Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson

Cody’s favorite show is The Mentalist. Justin Timberlake is his favorite singer. His favorite sport team is Yankees 19. Are you satisfied with facts about Cody Simpson?

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