10 Interesting Astronomy Facts

Tuesday, November 12th 2013. | Universe

If you are curious with the life in the space, look at the astronomy facts below. When talking about astronomy, people have to recognize the moon, asteroid, stars and planets. You can learn more about the things beyond the earth by reading all facts about Astronomy below:

Astronomy Facts 1: astronauts

Being an astronaut is a changeling task to do because they can travel on the space. Before they can walk in the moon or out of the earth, they have to prepare for the spacewalk. They have to use the spacesuit for hours.

Astronomy Facts 2: Mars

Many people believe that the only planet in the world which has life is earth. However, a rock from Mars is believed to have a fossil of microscopic living thing. This discovery was published by NASA in 1986.



Astronomy Facts 3: the basic chemical of life

The astronomer Fred Hoyle stated that the basic chemical of life is found on earth. But many scientists disagree because they think that it comes from earth.

Astronomy Facts 4: spacesuit

The spacesuit wore by the astronaut is very unique. It was a blown up look just like a balloon. The middle layers have this shape because it can press the body for the astronaut. If the spacesuit is not designed with a balloon shape, the body will boil.

Astronomy and NASA

Astronomy and NASA

Astronomy Facts 5: spacesuit price

Do you know the price of space suit? It was around $11 million. 70 percent of the price was used for the control module and backpack.

Astronomy Facts 6: Glowing nebulae

Glowing nebulae has the hydrogen gas inside the nebulae. It is heated and creates a red light and dim glowing. The heated hydrogen is affected by the nearby stars around the nebulae.

Astronomy telescope

Astronomy telescope

Astronomy Facts 7: SETI

SETI stands for Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. It uses the radio signal to analyze whether there is a sign of intelligent life in outer space.

Astronomy Facts 8: Drake Equation

Frank Drake is the astronomer who proposes the Drake Equation. It is used to count the number of the civilization occurred in the galaxy.



Astronomy Facts 9: black hole

Black hole can be found in the middle of most galaxies in the world. The shape for this black hole is very huge. Black hole is very powerful. Imagine that you turn into black hole. You will stretch like a spaghetti.

Astronomy Facts 10: milky Way

Earth is located in the Milky Way. In an hour, the Milky Way galaxy spins the sun, planets and other stars in 100 million kilometer.

Astronauts on space

Astronauts on space

Many scientists make a research to find out the age of the universe. Most of them come in a conclusion that the universe is around 15 billion years old. What do you think on facts about Astronomy?

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