10 Interesting Alien Facts

Tuesday, August 22nd 2017. | Universe

Alien Facts give the readers the information about an alien life.  The people believe that life of alien is not originated from earth. They come from other planets in the universe. The existence of alien is still a matter of dispute because of the lack of evidence. Some people believe about the existence of alien, while others do not believe it at all. One of the major speculations about the existence of alien is spotted in Drake equation, which believes that the existence of intelligence life takes place elsewhere in the universe. Let us find out other facts about alien by reading the following post below:

Alien Facts 1: exobiology

Have you ever heard about exobiology? This science focuses on the study of extraterrestrial life.

Alien Facts 2: research

Many people are interested to do researches related to the existence of alien. They try to search for signs for alien on earth and outer space.  They focus on two major studies. The first one is related to the recent and historic extraterrestrial life. Another focus is for searching the extraterrestrial intelligent life. Get facts about Ursa Major here.

Facts about Alien

Facts about Alien

Alien Facts 3: the cultural impact

The concept of alien has a major impact on the culture. Many works of science fictions were heavily influenced by this concept. Find facts about the Solar Eclipse here.

Alien Facts 4: the public point of view

The public point of view related to the attempt to communicate with alien is mainly affected by the depiction in science fiction. Some people believe that communication with alien is not needed due to the possible dangers, which might occur on earth. Others believe that people should perform aggressive methods to communicate with it.

Alien Life

Alien Life

Alien Facts 5: the direct search

The direct search on Alien’s life has been conducted actively by making researches on the meteorites and surfaces of planetary bodies.

Alien Facts 6: Mars

It was believed that Mars was a home of microbial life.   The scientists of NASA claim that they have discovered evidence about the existence of life in Mars. However, it is still a matter of dispute since not all scientists supported the finding.

Alien Image

Alien Image

Alien Facts 7: the indirect search

The indirect search to find alien is also conducted. One of them is by having SETI project.

Alien Facts 8: a pop culture

The public is deeply interested with alien. There is no need to wonder that legends and conspiracy theories occur about it.

Alien Facts

Alien Facts

Alien Facts 9: Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist who warned people not to contact alien in 2010.

Alien Facts 10: the point of Hawking

Hawking believed that alien might try to pillage earth because of its abundant resources.

Alien Concept

Alien Concept

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