10 Interesting Meteor Facts

Monday, July 21st 2014. | Universe

If you like to study about the moving object in the universe, you have to read Meteor Facts. People often face difficulty when they have to distinguish meteor, meteoroid, and meteorite. If you want to know the meaning of each term, check the following post below:

Meteor Facts 1: meteoroid

Meteoroid is a term used to call the small particle or rock in the solar system. The size is various. It can be small, medium or big. It can come in the size of a dust into the size of a rock with the diameter more than 10 meters. If you find the larger one, people often call them as an asteroid.

Meteor Facts 2: meteor

When a meteoroid comes to the earth atmosphere, it usually is burned. You need to call it as a meteor. Do you know that a shooting star actually is meteoroid which breaks into the earth atmosphere?

Meteor Big

Meteor Big

Meteor Facts 3: meteorite

Meteorite is a term used to call the surviving meteoroid which fell through the atmosphere of earth and collided on the surface of earth.

Meteor Facts 4: how many meteoroid come to earth every day?

Can you guess the number of meteoroid which falls on the earth sky every single day? It is estimated that earth has millions of meteors each day.

Meteor on Earth

Meteor on Earth

Meteor Facts 5: lower light

If you want to know the occurrence of meteor which breaks in the atmosphere of earth, you need to see it clearly in darker condition.

Meteor Facts 6: the fastest meteoroids

The speed of the fastest meteoroids can come at 42 km per second or 26 miles per second in the solar system. Find out solar system facts here.

Meteor on Earth

Meteor on Earth

Meteor Facts 7: Earth grazing fireballs

Earth grazing fireballs are the important term regarding the meteoroid which comes on the earth atmosphere.  There is small percentage of meteoroid which breaks the atmosphere and back out again

Meteor Facts 8: meteor shower

A meteor shower occurs when many meteors come to the earth surface in close time frame.

Meteor Pic

Meteor Pic

Meteor Facts 9: scientific study

The meteorites which come on the earth surface are useful for scientific study. Even though there are 500 meteorites, only five of them can be used f or scientific research.

Meteor Facts 10: hitting the earth atmosphere

When a meteoroid hits earth atmosphere, it probably travels with the speed of 130,000 miles per hour.



Do you know that it is an illegal activity if you sell or buy meteorites in South Africa? Do you want to give opinion on facts about meteor?

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