10 Interesting Guinea Facts

Saturday, March 8th 2014. | Countries

Study about other countries in the world by reading Guinea facts. Guinea is another hot and tropical paradise that you can visit to enjoy a summer vacation. If you hate with winter season due to the cold temperature, you can find that Guinea is the nice gateway for you. Find out facts about Guinea in the following post below:

Guinea Facts 1: climate

Let’s focus on the climate of Guinea. The country has hot climate. You can enjoy a summer season here because Guinea is included in a tropical country in the world. It is not a good decision to come to this country in June to November because Guinea is filled with rain. You can go here from December to May because it is the time for dry season.

Guinea Facts 2: border

Guinea is bordered by Sierra Leone, Libria and Cote d’lvoire to the southern part. In the northern part, you can find out that Mali, Senegal and Guinea Bissau border this country.

Guinea facts

Guinea facts

Guinea Facts 3: French

French is used as the official language in Guinea. However, there are many local people speaking the native language. There are many ethnic groups in the country. You can find Susu, Madingo and Fula.

Guinea Facts 4: religion

More than 90 percent of the people living in Guinea practice Islam. The Christian people only make up 5 percent of the entire population. The rest of them practice the indigenous belief.

Guinea Landscape

Guinea Landscape

Guinea Facts 5: Conakry

The capital city of Guinea is Conakry. Most people live here.

Guinea Facts 6: topography

You will never be disappointed when coming to Guinea for a vacation. The landscape of this country is amazing because it is filled with rainforest. You can also see the breathtaking view of Fouta Djalon Plateau waterfall.

Guinea Military

Guinea Military

Guinea Facts 7: function of Guinea

The name of this country is Republic Guinea. People simply call it Guinea. The capital of this country is considered as the financial, cultural and administrative center in the country.

Guinea Facts 8: literacy rate

Education for the people in Guinea is still limited. That’s why the literacy rate in the country is very low.

Guinea People

Guinea People

Guinea Facts 9: economy

The economy of this country lies on the hydroelectric power resources, mineral deposits, bauxite and agricultural sector.

Guinea Facts 10: National day of the Republic of Guinea

The most important National day of the Republic of Guinea is the Independence Day. This country got it from France on 2nd October 1958.

Guinea Street

Guinea Street

Guinea just like another other West African countries has their rich musical traditional. If you come here, you need to hear the music. Do you have any ideas on facts about Guinea?

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