10 Interesting Great Zimbabwe Facts

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Great Zimbabwe facts are the collections of information to deal with in order to learn about this country. Great Zimbabwe is very famous among different people. The more you learn about it can bring you into good consideration. So, what you need to do is to be more creative to learn more about it.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 1: what is it?

It was ruins located within sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, it is the largest and most important stone ruins. There you can find many towers and structures built from millions of stones balanced perfectly on the top of another.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 2: royal palace

Great Zimbabwe in fact has the function as royal palace for any Zimbabwean monarch. They also conducted political power there. The most prominent features were the walls.

great zimbabwe area

great Zimbabwe area

Great Zimbabwe Facts 3: the name

The name Zimbabwe is the Shona name of ruins. It was first recorded within 1531 by Vicente Pegado. He was captain of Portuguese Garrison of Sofala.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 4: Gokomere

Many scholars had the belief that it was built by the members of Gokomere culture. They were the ancestors of modern Shona in Zimbabwe.

great zimbabwe Facts

great Zimbabwe Facts

Great Zimbabwe Facts 5: fourth century

It was settled by the 4th century of Common Era actually. Those who farmed the valley were Gokomere or Ziwa. They mined and worked iron there yet never built stone structures.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 6: notable artifacts

There you can find many notable artifacts. The most famous one will be Zimbabwe Birds. This was carved from soapstone.

great zimbabwe map

great Zimbabwe map

Great Zimbabwe Facts 7: center of trading

There was evidence that Great Zimbabwe had been the center for trading. The trades extended as far as China. There were gold which people had obtained from the ground related to this fact.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 8:  predation

This culture had predated many cultures including Khami and Nyanga cultures.

great zimbabwe ruins

great zimbabwe ruins

Great Zimbabwe Facts 9: Sona People

There was monument constructed by Shona people which began in the 11th century. It continued until 14th century actually. It had 72 hectares of spanning area. It could hold up to 18,000 people. In fact, such monument belongs to World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Great Zimbabwe Facts 10: the damages

There are damages of the ruins. It was taken place throughout the last century. The more extensive damage was caused by the mining of some ruins for gold.



Gathering facts about Great Zimbabwe is easy if you recognize about the source to take benefit in. If you have limited source of information, you can take benefit from internet actually. There will be so much advantage for this actually. Don’t ignore about this importance.

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