10 Interesting Djibouti Facts

Tuesday, December 31st 2013. | Countries

Djibouti facts give you the information about one country in the world located in Africa. Even though this country is not really famous, we should learn about the history and lecture to educate you. If you decide to visit this country, you need to know the condition and the lifestyle of the local people. Here are the fascinating facts about Djibouti:

Djibouti Facts 1: size

Do you know the size of Djibouti? It spans on the area of 8,958 square miles or 23,200 square kilometers.  In Africa, Djibouti is ranked as the third smallest city in the continent. The smallest one is Gambia, while the second smallest city is Swaziland.

Djibouti Facts 2: Lac Assal

If you want to know the saltiest lake located Antarctica, you need to go to Lac Assal. Compared to the famous Dead Sea, it is saltier.

Djibouti Camp

Djibouti Camp

Djibouti Facts 3: evaporation

Evaporation is the main activity. It makes the water go out from the famous Lac Assal. Even though the lake is very salty, it gives benefits to the life of the local people in Djibouti. People can use the salt for personal use. Sometimes, people also trade the salt for the commercial purpose.

Djibouti Facts 4: the lowest point

The lowest point in the black continent is located in Africa. In the world, Lac Assal is ranked as the third lowest point. The first and second ones are the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee. Both of are located in Israel.

Djibouti facts

Djibouti facts

Djibouti Facts 5: Lake Abbe

Another famous lake located in Djibouti is Lake Abbe.  This lake is also famous as the place of the discovery of Australopithecus skeleton Lucy. It was founded during the Afar depression in 1974.

Djibouti Facts 6: Christmas

Christmas is very important for Christian people. You can see that most people celebrate the Christmas holiday on 25th December. However, the Djibouti people have different style.  Due to the practice of Orthodox Christian churches, the Christmas holiday is celebrated on 7th January.

Djibouti Port

Djibouti Port

Djibouti Facts 7: qat chewing

One of the most important cultures that people in Djibouti did in the past was chewing at. Qat is considered as the local word to name the medicinal plant.  Be careful with this plant since it contains mild narcotic substance.

Djibouti Facts 8: qat and banning

We realize that qat is very popular in Djibouti due to its mild narcotic property. Thus, many European countries ban the legality of public usage of qat. However, the United Kingdom abolished it in 2011.

Djibouti Ville

Djibouti Ville

Djibouti Facts 9: taxi fee

If you want to use taxi, I suggest you to take it before the sunset. When the sunset comes, the fee will be raised 50 percent.

Djibouti Facts 10: tribes

Some tribes in Djibouti adopted the Islamic religion include the Afar and Somali tribes.



One of the most interesting places that you need to explore if you decide to go to Djibouti is Lac Assal. You will be amazed with this lake. How do you like facts about Djibouti?

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