10 Interesting Giganotosaurus Facts

Wednesday, February 19th 2014. | Animals

If you are always curious about dinosaur, let’s see the Giganotosaurus facts. Giganotosaurus is considered as a terrifying meat eater. We should thank God that this horrible animal is vanished from earth. Here are the interesting facts about Giganotosaurus:

Giganotosaurus Facts 1: Giganotosaurus

Don’t relate the term Giganotosaurus with its gigantic shape. It has no relation with the shape of body. Giganotosaurus was derived from the Greek language. It means giant southern lizard.

Giganotosaurus Facts 2: prey

Even though there is a lack of evidence that Giganotosaurus hunted Argentinosaurus, many scientists believed it to be true. It is believed that Giganotosaurus might hunt the prey in pack to make all of them down.

Giganotosaurus Facts

Giganotosaurus Facts

Giganotosaurus Facts 3: close relation

Now let’s decide the close relation of the meat eater animal. It is stated that Giganotosaurus is closed to Tyranntoitan and Carcharodontosaurus. Carcharodontosaurus is great a shark lizard lived in northern Africa.

Giganotosaurus Facts 4: discovery

It was very surprising to know that the fossil of Giganotosaurus was discovered by an amateur hunter. Many people believed that all dinosaur fossils must be discovered by trained professional hunters. It seems that this opinion is not true here.

Giganotosaurus Image

Giganotosaurus Image

Giganotosaurus Facts 5: Ruben Dario Carolini

Ruben Dario Carolini is the amateur hunter discovered Giganotosaurus. He did it in 1993 at the Patagonian region in Argentina.

Giganotosaurus Facts 6: paleontologists and name

After it was unearthed, paleontologists examined the new specimen. They agreed to name the discovery with Giganotosaurus. Since it was discovered by Ruben Dario Carolini, they add the last name of the hunter on the name of the species. So you can call it as dinosaur Giganotosaurus carolinii.

Giganotosaurus Pic

Giganotosaurus Pic

Giganotosaurus Facts 7: size

Compared to T rex, Giganotosaurus was bigger. The scales of T rex are nine tons. Giganotosaurus has 10 tons scales. However, it is not the biggest meat eating dinosaur in the world.

Giganotosaurus Facts 8: speed

Many scientists believe that Giganotosaurus probably moved faster than T rex even though they still need to collect more evidence. Due to the skeletal structure, scientists believe that Giganotosaurus can move 20 miles per hour.

Giganotosaurus Shape and Height

Giganotosaurus Shape and Height

Giganotosaurus Facts 9: small brain

In terms of weight, speed and size, we know that Giganotosaurus is bigger than T rex. However, this animal only has a small brain. The brain is similar with the weight and shape of a banana.

Giganotosaurus Facts 10: the largest theropod

Until today, the largest theropod in South America is Giganotosaurus.



People always want to see the skeletons of Giganotosaurus complete. Until today, there is no fossil hunter who can collect the complex Giganotosaurus skeleton. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Giganotosaurus?

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