10 Interesting Margaret Preston Facts

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Margaret Preston Facts give the interesting facts about the famous Australian artist. She was born on April 29, 1875. She passed away on May 28, 1963. She was famous as a printmaker and painter. Look at more information about Margaret Preston by reading the following post below:

Margaret Preston Facts 1: fame

Preston was very famous as a printmaker and painter around 1920s to 1940s. Her arts works reflect the modern arts which focused on the contemporary art and aboriginal motifs. Read aboriginal art facts here.

Margaret Preston Facts 2: date of birth

Preston was born on April 29, 1875 in Port Adelaide with the full name Margaret Rose McPherson. His father was a Scottish marine engineer, David McPherson. His mother was Prudence McPherson.

Margaret Preston Artist

Margaret Preston Artist

Margaret Preston Facts 3: a sister

Margaret had a sister who was born in 1877. Her name was Ethelwynne. In the family, Margaret was the eldest child. His family always called her Rose.

Margaret Preston Facts 4: education

In 1885, the family moved to Sydney. She only studied for two years at Fort Street Girls’ High School.

Margaret Preston Arts

Margaret Preston Arts

Margaret Preston Facts 5: interest in art

Preston realized that she was interested in art when she was 12 years old. At first, she loved china painting. Then she studied under the guidance of William Lister Lister in private art classes.

Margaret Preston Facts 6: Eggs to Electrolux

Eggs to Electrolux printed in Sydney Ure Smith’s Art in Australia explained the detail interest of Preston in art. It was published in 1927. There are many articles about Preston and her works published here.

Margaret Preston Facts

Margaret Preston Facts

Margaret Preston Facts 7: the height of her career

Margaret was at the height of her career when she was 52 years old. You can find the recollection of her life and personality by looking at the articles in the publication of From Eggs to Electrolux.

Margaret Preston Facts 8: the guidance of major Australian artist

Besides studying under the guidance of Lister Lister, Margaret also learned about art from Frederick McCubbin. She studied in 1889 until 1894.

Margaret Preston Painting

Margaret Preston Painting

Margaret Preston Facts 9: the illness of her father

The father’s illness made her come back to Adelaide and stopped the training at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School. His father finally died in 1895. She returned to study at the National Gallery with Bernard hall.

Margaret Preston Facts10: drawing award

During her training at school, she won some drawing awards. In 1897, she earned the prestigious still life scholarship from the school.

Margaret Preston Pic

Margaret Preston Pic

In 1932 to 1939, Margaret tried to define the national cultural identity of Australia through her art. At that time, she lived in the bush of Berowra. Are you interested with facts about Margaret Preston?

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