10 Interesting Euclid Facts

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Find out about one of the important ancient people in the world in Euclid facts. The people in the past were very genius. They contributed a lot on the development of knowledge and education. If you want to find out the facts about the famous Euclid, see the following post below:

Euclid Facts 1: nickname

Many people call Euclid as the father of geometry. This man was from Alexandria.

Euclid Facts 2: working time

Do you know the era when Euclid lived? He worked in Alexandria around 323 to 283 BC. It was the era when Ptolemy I ruled the city.

Euclid facts

Euclid facts

Euclid Facts 3: geometry

One of the essential parts of in the history of mathematic was Euclid’s Elements. He contributed much in the field of geometry. His thinking can be found in most textbooks at the end of 19th century to the beginning of 20th century.

Euclid Facts 4: Euclidean geometry

Euclidean geometry was a product from Euclid. It is included in his elements. This man gained the thought from a minor set of axioms. If you are interested to study about Euclid works, find out about his thought on conic section, spherical geometry, rigor, and number theory.

Euclid Pic

Euclid Pic

Euclid Facts 5: name

The name Euclid was derived from the Greek language. In English, it means Good Glory.

Euclid Facts 6: historical references

The ones who made the historical references based on the thought of Euclid were Pappus and Proclus of Alexandria. It was created years after Euclid died.

Euclid Statue

Euclid Statue

Euclid Facts 7: personal life of Euclid

It is not easy to know about the personal life of Euclid.  There are only few historical references about him.

Euclid Facts 8: Euclid’s Optics

The first surviving Greek dissertation on the perspective of optic was Euclid’s Optics.

Euclid The Elements

Euclid The Elements

Euclid Facts 9: Elements and its fame

Euclid gained his fame with his Elements because he can serve this mathematical object in simple, single and easy understanding. Thus, people love to learn his comprehensive framework.

Euclid Facts 10: books of elements

In the first four books of the Elements, you are served with data deal of the subject substance and geometrical difficulties.



If you want to know in detail the Elements by Euclid, you need to read the books. Are you satisfied with facts about Euclid?

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