10 Interesting Afghanistan Facts

Monday, November 4th 2013. | Countries

One of the countries affected by a war recently is seen Afghanistan facts. Have you visited Afghanistan? Even though the war is over, many people are still afraid to come to this country. Afghanistan is a beautiful place. It presents an exotic feeling. You can learn about the people’s culture, languages and way of life. Here are some interesting facts about Afghanistan that you can learn in the post:

Afghanistan Facts 1: new Year

Afghanistan has its own new year. It was celebrated in the first day of spring on 21 March. The New Year in Afghanistan is called Nawroz.

Afghanistan Facts 2: Kabul

If you are interested to visit Afghanistan for some reasons, you need to come to Kabul. It is the capital city in Afghanistan and is considered as the largest one in the country.

Afghanistan Beauty

Afghanistan Beauty

Afghanistan Facts 3: sharing border

Afghanistan shared border with many countries such as Turkmenistan, China, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Iran. That’s why Afghanistan is always called a landlocked country.

Afghanistan Facts 4: people in Afghanistan

How do you call the people in Afghanistan? Don’t call them Afghanis because it is the currency in the country. You can call the local people as Afghans. Many people make mistake to differentiate the currency and people living in the country.

Afghanistan Facts

Afghanistan Facts

Afghanistan Facts 5: official language

Dari and Pashto are the official languages of Afghanistan. However, many people living in Afghanistan speak other types of languages such as Turkmen, Uzbek and Persian.

Afghanistan Facts 6: poetry

When we talk about the Afghanistan culture, don’t forget to mention poetry. It has been embedded on the heart of the people for centuries. If you want to know the verses from the old and new age, you can go to the City of Herat on Thursday. You will see that women, men and children gathered here to share their poetry.

Afghanistan Facts 7: natural resources

One of the main industries in Afghanistan is the gas and oil industry. The desert in the country is filled with a lot of natural resources.

Afghanistan People

Afghanistan People

Afghanistan Facts 8: agriculture

The main income of the local people in Afghanistan is from the agricultural sector. Many people plant their farm with rice, fruit, veggies and nuts. Some of their crops are exported too.

Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War

Afghanistan Facts 9: Buzkashi

Buzkashi is called as the national game in Afghanistan. It is a goat grabbing game. The game was played by having two teams who try to catch the goat by riding a horse.

Afghanistan Facts 10: independence

Afghanistan is an independent country since August 19th, 1919.  Each year people celebrate the Independence Day from Britain. To get the independence, Afghanistan had to face war for three times.

Afghanistan landscape

Afghanistan landscape

If you want to know the condition of Afghanistan after the war, you can catch the plane to Kabul now. You will learn the way of life and culture. How do you like the facts about Afghanistan?

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