10 Interesting Abortion Facts

Tuesday, September 3rd 2013. | Human

Don’t underestimate abortion facts. This condition occurred from time to time. There are many women doing abortion for some reason. Killing a baby can make you very sick. Sometimes women face depression after killing their own baby in an abortion. Here are some surprising facts about abortion in America:

Abortion Facts 1: Number of Abortion

There are more than 53 million cases of abortion performed in the states.

Abortion Facts 2: Killed Baby

The number for the US military died on the war is similar with number of killed baby because of abortion.

Abortion Facts

Abortion Facts

Abortion Facts 3: Abortion in US Each Year

It is estimated that millions of abortion have been performed in US hospital every year because of the action drug RU 486.

Abortion Facts 4: WTC tower 9/11

In a single day more than 3,000 American babies were aborted by their mother. It is similar with the live of 3000 people who got killed in WTC 9/11.



Abortion Facts 5: African American Pregnancies

It is estimated that 51 percent African American pregnancies end up in abortion. This information is gained from Pastor Clenard Childress.  The percentage for New York City pregnancies end up in abortion is about 41 percent. See pregnancy facts here.

Abortion Facts 6: Convenience

One of the most socking reasons of abortion is because of the same convenience. At least 86 people say it based on a study. Sometimes women get depressed after having abortion. Check  depression facts here.



Abortion Facts 7: A Vaginal Birth

The cost that people have to spend when they decide to have a vaginal birth is around $9,000. The money that a mother has to spend when she aborted his baby in the first trimester is around $451.

Abortion Facts 8: Philadelphia Abortionist

In a past, there was a prominent case of abortionist in Philadelphia.  The man was in charge of killing 7 babies born alive. Many witnesses state that he actually had killed hundred babies.  He killed the new born babies by slitting the neck or severing the spinal cords.



Abortion Facts 9: Anti-Abortion

The people who are considered as anti-abortion was called as a potential terrorist by a Department of Homeland Security report made in January 2012.

Abortion Facts 10: Baby Parts

There is a shocking fact that some abortion clinics sell the body part of some babies for medical research.

Stop Abortion

Stop Abortion

It is estimated that more than 300,000 abortions have been conducted each year by Planned Parenthood. The main target of Planned Parenthood is the poor people who have lower income. In a year, 30 Planned Parenthood executives gain $200,000. In 2010, this clinic got 487 million dollar from the government. What do you think on facts about abortion?

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