10 Interesting Heart Facts

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If you like to know the details about one of the main body parts, read the whole heart facts below. Heart is very important for the blood circulation in the body. If the heart is not functional, you will die.  Heart attack is considered as the number one killer among males. Performing a healthy lifestyle is the main thing that people should do if they want to avoid any disease on the heart. Here is the information about heart in detail:

Heart Facts 1: Blood Pumping

In a day the heart of an adult has to pump 2,000 gallons of blood to the body. Heart is made from the involuntary striated muscle cells. See another info of human body in brain facts.

Heart Facts 2: Heart Beat

Have you ever checked your heart beat? In average a heart of an adult will beat for about 72 times in a minute. In a year, it beats for about 3,600,000. If you live in 70 years old, your heart beats for about 2.5 billion times. The closing of the atrioventricular valves produces the heart beat sound.

Heart and Health

Heart and Health

Heart Facts 3: Weight Of Heart

The weight of female heart is lesser that the male adult. The woman has 8 ounces.  Man has 10 ounces.

Heart Facts 4: Blood Vessels

Can you guess the length of blood vessels? The length is around 6,000 miles. The blood vessels in your body include capillaries, veins and arteries. The function of veins is to carry the deoxygenated blood to the heart, while arteries are used to carry away the oxygenated blood from heart.

Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Heart Facts 5: Chambers

Heart is divided into four chambers. They are two inferior ventricles and two superior’s atria. To circulate the blood from the entire body, heart only needs 20 seconds.

Heart Facts 6: Blood Pressure

Blood pressure comes in two types. The diastolic pressure is measured when the heart is relaxed. Systolic pressure is measured when the heart is pumping the blood.

Heart facts

Heart facts

Heart Facts 7: Myocardium

Myocardium is the heart muscles produced the electrical impulses.  This condition causes the heart to beat.

Heart Facts 8: Heart Attacks

Many people die because of heart attack. This condition often occurs on Monday at 8 and 9 AM. It is considered as the most popular day for heart attack. It is estimated that more than 2,700 people die because of heart disease. If you want to lower the risk of facing heart disease, you need to have regular exercise. The inactive people have double risk of having heart disease compared to the active people. Check more on obesity facts.

Heart replica

Heart replica

Heart Facts 9: Heart Transplant

The successful heart transplant can performed in Cape Town South Africa in 1967.

Heart Facts 10: Ancient Belief

There are several ancient beliefs about function of heart. The Egyptian people thought that it was the center of intellects and emotion, while Chinese people linked it with happiness.



If you want to be a healthy person without having heart disease, you need to perform 30 minutes of moderate exercise. It is suggested by American Heart Association. Are you inspired by the facts about heart?

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