10 Interesting Malaria Facts

Monday, June 30th 2014. | Diseases

If you want to know the detail information about the disease caused by mosquito bite, you need to read Malaria Facts. The disease has infected hundreds of million people in the world. Every year, there are half a million people died because of malaria. Let’s find out more facts about Malaria for you:

Malaria Facts 1: health problem in Jamestown

Malaria is not only occurred in modern day, you can also trace it back in the past. In 1607, the English colonist brought malaria in North American when they moved to Jamestown.

Malaria Facts 2: name

The word Malaria was derived from an Italian word, mal’aria. The meaning of this word is bad air. In the past, the Romans thought that the disease was caused by the swamp fumes. Actually it is caused by mosquitoes.

Malaria Disease

Malaria Disease

Malaria Facts 3: George Washington

George Washington is one of the former presidents of United States who had to suffer from malaria. He got the illness when he was 17 years old in Virginia.

Malaria Facts 4: other presidents

There were many other presidents of United States who suffered from Malaria such as Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, James Monroe, Ulysses S, grant, Theodore Roosevelt, and John F Kennedy. Kennedy got it when he was as a captain during World War II in Solomon Islands.

Malaria Facts

Malaria Facts

Malaria Facts 5: the famous people

The disease can affect anyone. There were some famous and important people affected by the disease such as Anderson Cooper, Mahatma Gandhi, Christopher Columbus, Chris Matthews, Sir David Attenborough, Mother Teresa, Michael Caine, Ernest Hemingway, and Errol Flynn.

Malaria Facts 6: infection

The disease spreads on human being when the mosquitoes bite you. The mosquito can only transmit the disease if it has been infected by a parasite.

Malaria Image

Malaria Image

Malaria Facts 7: malaria breed

The breed of malaria can be found in warm climates areas.  Usually it is filled with rain and humidity. You can find the disease in 109 countries in the world.

Malaria Facts 8: risk of malaria

The risk to have malaria is very high in the Sahara of Africa.  The death rate of the malaria for the infected patients is 90 percent. Most cases of malaria can be seen in the children less than 5 year old.

Malaria Map

Malaria Map

Malaria Facts 9: side effect of malaria

There are several side effects of malaria that you need to know such as the flu like symptoms, headache, chills, and high fever.

Malaria Facts 10: cases of Malaria in US

Every year, United States has at least 1,500 cases of malaria. Check another fatal disease in mad cow disease facts.



Even though malaria is a fatal disease, it is not contagious. There is no need to be afraid if you have contact with the infected person. Do you have questions on facts about Malaria?

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