10 Interesting Polio Facts

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Polio Facts present the interesting information about an infection caused by a virus. The nerves and muscles will be affected by the virus and make you feel the pain. The type of pain occurred on the nerves and muscles depend on the type of polio infection. If you want to know the three types of polio infection, check out the following post below:

Polio Facts 1: the spinal paralytic

When you have spinal paralytic polio, you can face paralysis on one or more limbs. The non paralytic one will never result any paralysis.

Polio Facts 2: the bulbar polio

The bulbar polio can lead into some dysfunctions. You can face it on the respiratory embarrassment, swallowing mechanism and circulatory distress.



Polio Facts 3: vaccination

Vaccination is the best way to avoid polio. You can prevent it by having polio vaccination. Therefore, there are many children vaccinated to avoid any polio virus.

Polio Facts 4: type of polio vaccination

You just have to come to the doctor to get the polio vaccination for the children. Actually there are four types of vaccination. If your children have been vaccinated several times, they will be protected against polio virus.

Polio Facts

Polio Facts

Polio Facts 5: symptoms

It is not easy to find out the symptoms of polio. The research indicates that there is no exact symptom of polio. But there are some patients who feel nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, sore throat and fever when they are infected by polio.

Polio Facts 6: the vulnerable patients

The most vulnerable patients are children with the age five and under. More than 50 percent of the polio patients are these children. However, the person at any age can be infected with this virus too.

Polio Eradication

Polio Eradication

Polio Facts 7: paralysis

The main condition that people face when they have polio is the paralysis.  But it is not the common cases to find on polio. The research indicates one from 200 polio cases lead into irreversible paralysis. It usually affects the legs.

Polio Facts 8: death

The people who face the paralysis should be careful with the death risk since 5 to 10 percent of the patients with paralysis passed away. It is due to the fact that their breathing muscle cannot function again. Check out another death risk in Meningitis facts.

Polio Pic

Polio Pic

Polio Facts 9: contamination

Polo is contagious.   You can find the virus inside the feces and saliva of the sick people. The contamination can be spread when the sick people talk, sneeze, and cough.

Polio Facts 10: decrease

Even though this disease is very dangerous, the cases have been decreased 99 percent since 1988. Find out more disease in malaria facts.

Polio Risk

Polio Risk

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