10 Interesting Field Hockey Facts

Saturday, January 25th 2014. | Sports

Field Hockey facts are important to those who love Hockey sport. Understanding the information about the field hockey is basic for players. There are some important facts for you to notice about it. So, let’s discuss further here.

Field Hockey Facts 1: ticket to college

It has become common knowledge that field hockey is the ticket to college. The fact is, field hockey may send many athletes to college. The method is by providing scholarship for any athletes. It has promoted many players to college than any other sports.

Field Hockey Facts 2: most watched sport

In the year of 2012 especially at the Olympic Games of London, people have recognized this sport to be the third most watched sport in the world. It is no doubt actually.

Field Hockey facts

Field Hockey facts

Field Hockey Facts 3: early life

There is an interesting fact. The swing of field hockey is the fastest speed if it is compared to other sports. Even golf or baseball is inferior. The speed of field hockey speed is 103 mph.

Field Hockey Facts 4: left handed?

You may recognize that there are no left handed sticks of this sport. The players can only use the one side of the stick.

Field Hockey Game

Field Hockey Game

Field Hockey Facts 5: celebrities

There are many celebrities who are fond of such sport. Those people are Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Heath Ledger and many more. They grew up by playing hockey throughout their leisure time.

Field Hockey Facts 6: common recognition

People around the world tend to recognize field hockey as hockey around the world. This has become general knowledge for people around the world.

Luciana Aymar

Luciana Aymar

Field Hockey Facts 7: the travel of course during match

You need to recognize that any players can be calculated to travel more than 5 miles during the match of regular hockey sport.

Field Hockey Facts 8:  Holland national sport

Field hockey in fact becomes the national sport of Holland. There is once in summer Olympic Games when the Holland’s women team gained gold medal. Many Holland people love to do this sport activity.

Field Hockey Sticks

Field Hockey Sticks

Field Hockey Facts 9: Pennsylvania

There is a state having the highest number of players of field hockey within the United States. It was Pennsylvania.

Field Hockey Facts 10: the British colonies

Field hockey was also spread by the British Empire through their colonization. It means that any colonies have gained fondness of field hockey sport around the world.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey

If you concern more facts about Field Hockey, you can read from any different source. What I provided above are the basic. I hope the information above is useful for any of you who pay attention to field of hockey life.

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