10 Interesting The Pygmy Marmoset Facts

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The Pygmy Marmoset Facts talk about a cute small New World monkey, which has the biological name of Cebuella pygmaea. The origin of pygmy marmoset was from the rainforest located in western Amazon basin. The weight of this monkey is only 3.5 oz or 100 grams. Therefore, it takes the status as one of the smallest primates in the world. It also takes the record as the smallest monkey. Let us read the whole post below for other information about pygmy marmoset.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 1: where to find pygmy marmoset?

If you want to spot the presence of pygmy marmoset, you need to go to the river edge forests or evergreen forest in Amazon basin. The pygmy marmoset is known as a gummivore for it feeds gum.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 2: the stable troops

There are around 2 till 9 individuals in a troop of pygmy marmoset. More than 83 percent of them live in a stable troop.

the pygmy marmoset cute

the pygmy marmoset cute

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 3: the members of the troop

The members of pygmy marmoset’s troop include a breeding female, a dominant male and several off springs. There are six individuals for a standard sized troop.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 4: how to communicate

Pygmy marmoset communicates in various ways. They apply the visual, chemical and vocal signals. The visual one is used to show their dominance over others. The female will show the male that she can reproduce by having chemical signal. The genital area and glands located at the chest will secrete chemicals.  Look at facts about the kakapo here.

the pygmy marmoset facts

the pygmy marmoset facts

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 5: the parental care and birth

The parental care for the new offspring is the responsibility of all members in the troop. The breeding period of female pygmy marmoset occurs twice per year.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 6: the threats of pygmy marmoset’s population

The pet trade as well as the habitat loss is considered as the primary threats of pygmy marmoset.

the pygmy marmoset image

the pygmy marmoset image

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 7: the subspecies of pygmy marmoset

Colin Grove states that pygmy marmoset has two subspecies. They are the eastern pygmy marmoset or Cebuella pygmaea niveiventris and Northern/Western pygmy marmoset or Cebuella pygmaea pygmaea.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 8: the size

As I have stated before, pygmy marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world.  The adult has the weight of 3.5 oz. The male is less heavy than the female. The head body length reaches 4.6 to 6 inches.

the pygmy marmoset

the pygmy marmoset

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 9: the fur color

It has mixed fur color. The underpart has the tawny, orange and yellow tones. The head and back are black, grey and brownish gold.  Check facts about star nose mole here.

The Pygmy Marmoset Facts 10: the habitat

Pygmy marmoset can be found in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

the pygmy marmoset pic

the pygmy marmoset pic

Are you fascinated after reading facts about the pygmy marmoset?

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